• Have you met Celeste & Jayarani Pietersz?

    Celeste and his wife Jayarani (Jay) carry out GHNI’s work in Sri Lanka. They joined GHNI after the 2004 tsunami, organizing medical clinics, building homes and distributing clothing and dry rations in the south of Sri Lanka. 

  • Ending Hunger and Malnutrition

    Children need not fall ill or even die from hunger and malnutrition. By teaching villagers about proper nutrition and how to use local resources to put well balanced meals on the table, their children will no longer suffer. Join us in fighting the battle against hunger!

  • Adopt a Refugee Family

    The crisis in Syria and Iraq have caused many families to flee their homes, jobs, and all their possessions to seek safety in Jordan. Learn how you can adopt a refugee family as they pull themselves out of poverty in a foreign land.

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