Recognised as a Model Village

Myat Hlae – Rakhine State, Myanmar

For this quarter, I would like to highlight some stories of progress in Myat Hlae Village. Our Transformational Community Development (TCD) work in this village has become more sustaining as the community leaders take the lead and continue to make progress with the participation of a large number of villagers. One of our greatest achievements during these months is the sanitation project. Until now, around 18 new toilets have been built under the management of the village TCD leaders. More families are already waiting for the next round to start.

This is very encouraging and positive to see the real changes in terms of knowledge, attitude, and practices in this community. In comparison to the start of TCD and the current situation in the community, there has been a huge change in sanitation. In the beginning, this community refused to build a toilet near their homes because they thought that it was dirty, increases insects, rats and mosquitos, and is smelly. They had thousands of excuses to not apply the sanitation lessons that were taught to promote community health. At that time, three years ago, there were only thirteen toilets in the entire community of 226 households with a population of more than 2000 villagers. Since then for two years, we continued to work on transferring knowledge about health to village leaders, women, and children. As a result, some families started gradually building toilets for themselves. The leaders continued to encourage families to build toilets. When most families accepted the idea and felt it was important, GHNI started the Sanitation Project under the management of the village TCD workers. It is working! So far, approximately more than 70 toilets have been built in this village. The chief and each household are impressed by what they have accomplished.

Again, I would also like to highlight the visit of the township rural development department team to our TCD village. The purpose of their visit was to observe the progress the community initiated themselves and to collect information in order to recognise the “Trash free village” in Rakhine State. The rural development department has heard the good news about Myat Hlae Village among more than three hundred villages in its township. Myat Hlae Village has been well known in the area because of their achievement to do self-initiated projects and pursuing to become a trash free community. Their good works and actions speak loud in the area, and the government department is interested in supporting their good deeds.

In addition, Myat Hlae village has received a good name in managing the government rural development loan which is called the “Ever Green Loan”. The purpose of this loan is to help villagers start small scale businesses to increase family incomes. The villagers are encouraged to set up committees and effectively handle the funds. The committee leaders were well trained on TCD concepts and have been actively involved in TCD works. Until now, the community has been faithful to manage the loan and meet the expectation of the department. So, it is likely that the community will be regarded as a model village among many other villages that are receiving the same loan.

Our champion Maung San said, “It is very encouraging for us to welcome the deputy of the rural development department and his team. The entire community is so glad that the government has recognised their works to develop their community. When they were asked where and how did they get the knowledge to start this progress, they answered that GHNI transferred the knowledge of TCD and that brought a huge change in our community. That day, the deputy and his team walked the village and observed all the development works the community had done and praised us. He also encouraged us that his department will be finding ways to support the community in different sectors. We are thankful to GHNI for training us and helping the community to achieve its goal.”

Thank you!


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