Garden of Peace and Hope


Garden of Peace and Hope

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Behind the National Gallery in Kabul stood a run-down building and a pile of garbage; an image which describes the saying, “When a nation loses its culture, it loses its heart.” Now a beautiful garden and art gallery for emerging artists and musicians, it is a place of beauty and tranquility conducive to creativity for encouraging young Afghans to develop their art in the themes of “Peace” and “Hope.”

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Through some 30 odd years of war, all cultural art forms in Afghanistan had been considered idolatrous and therefore destroyed. GHNI desires to lend to the reconstruction and well-being of Afghanistan as the country tries to rebuild itself from the devastation and destruction.The garden is a path to the healing of this damaged, traumatized nation.

Garden visionary and architect Donald Malcolm shares,

“Considering the great travail, war and oppression which have plagued this city for many decades, it is our desire that the creation of this garden can stand as a symbol of peace and hope. In other words: a new beginning, a new birth. This garden should reflect joy and liberty of spirit; that which gives hope and encouragement. In its own way it should contribute to the desire for peace and reconciliation.”