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Cambaloe is a village comprised of about 250 people on the island of Tanakeke, about 2 hours travel time from the Makassar, the main city of W. Sulawesi, Indonesia. Like other villages on Tanakeke, the people of Cambaloe have learned to make a living through fishing and harvesting seaweed. Many fisherman also use ponds for fish and shrimp cultivation.

Due to multiple factors including severe weather patterns, fish and shrimp diseases, and cultural and sociological challenges, many of the ponds are now destroyed or non-functional. Because of this, most of the impoverished villages on the island now face incredible difficulties, many living “hand-to-mouth.”

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Transformational Community Development©

Beginning in March of 2011, the GHNI Indonesia team began implementing a TCD (Transformational Community Development) program in one of the smallest villages on the island of Tanakeke, Batu Ampara. Over the course of two years, this program has dramatically helped the village transform in the areas of water and sanitation, food, education and income generation making it a model village on the island for TCD. As a result of the success of this first TCD program on the island, other villages have begun to take notice. Now, the local GHNI team has been invited by many of these villages, including Cambaloe, to bring TCD to their villages as well.

As an exciting part of GHNI’s multiplication model, leading the TCD program for Cambaloe will be trained, local TCD trainers from Batu Ampara village. These local trainers have been a part of the development in their own village, having faced similar problems themselves. Even better, they also know how bring TCD into Cambaleo in a culturally relevant way speaking the local dialect, Bahasa Makassar.

The GHNI team in Indonesia is excited to work alongside the local TCD trainers to bring sustainable development to the village of Cambaloe Village.