Goat Loan Programme


Goat Loan Programme

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This rural area in northern Jordan contains a village cluster stuck in the cycle of poverty. The circumstances surrounding the poverty are a result of a prominent refugee heritage in Jordan. In addition, the cost of living in Jordan is very high and wages are low.

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How the Goat Loan Project brings “Help and Hope”

The people in these villages are very welcoming and traditional. They live simple lives but want what is best for their children. They see the Goat Loan Programme as a way of providing for their families.

A family receiving a goat from the programme will be able to bring in income from the milk and the kids. One of the kids will be given back to the program for another family to join the programme.

Working through a “Man of Peace,” the programme gains credibility through this trusted leader, opening the door for us to enter into the villages and begin building on-going relationships with families in the community.