Dorgovska mahala


Dorgovska mahala

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The Village 

Located in Eastern Europe, South Serbia is home to the Roma/gypsy village of Dorgovska mahala.  In 1976 floodwaters destroyed all temporary shelters near this village, where these 450 people lived.  Now, some forty years later these families are still living in squalid “temporary” housing, (averaging 10 people in 30m squared/320 sq. ft.), with no running water or toilets. 

99% of the villagers in Dorgovska mahala don’t have jobs.  Most children do not attend school and the adults are not educated in health and wellness or ways to generate income.  These conditions promote an atmosphere of helplessness and abandonment, perpetuating the cycle of extreme poverty.  But there is hope … the villagers have asked GHNI to help with “knowledge transfer” and training in Transformational Community Development (TCD).  

Transformational Community Development©

As GHNI engages in Transformational Community Development with the people of Dorgovska mahala, this village will become self-sustaining in the areas of education, income generation, wellness, food and water.

The focus of the villagers will be on solving their own issues such as childhood marriage, healthy spousal relationships, the need for childhood education, understanding the need to produce an income, improving health, lowering the crime rate and using their natural resources.  They will be encouraged to, and given the opportunity to start small businesses.  The first steps will be cleaning up the trash around the village and classes in disease prevention.