• Have you Met Wubshet & Habiba?

    Wubshet and Habiba direct GHNI’s work among the poor villages of northern Kenya. They come to GHNI with a strong background in helping the poor, having previously worked with Food for the Hungry and similar organizations.

  • Do You Know the Power of Clean Water?

    Water is one of the five components of Transformational Community Development. Providing safe and clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing is a top priority in TCD as it affects the health and well-being of a villager. Read our water blog to hear real stories of how water is impacting the lives of villagers around the world. 

  • GHNI is Celebrating 15 Years!

    Ove the past  15 years, your gifts, support, and partnership have impacted the work at GHNI in incredible ways. GHNI is working every day to impact the lives of villagers, implement Transformational Community Development, prevent slavery, transform leaders, and act in times of disaster. Our practices, with your support, are working to end cyclical poverty around the world every day. 

    You've helped to make the past 15 years incredible, will you help with the next 15 years?