• Visit the Field with GHNI!

    Joining GHNI on a short-term trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You will work alongside villagers in Africa, Asia or the Middle East. Not only will you travel to regions of our beautiful planet where few are able to visit, but more importantly, you will help to empower villagers who are working to end their own extreme poverty.

    There are trips to meet every level of comfort or "dis" comfort required!  From the adventurous to the person who needs a "real" bed, there are trips for you!  Visit a village, learn how this is working and become an advocate for our work.  

    Please travel with us...

  • Transformational Community Development

    Did you know....TCD can go viral to reach 1 million villages, thus ending extreme poverty! 

    Consider the facts....

    22% of the world population makes less than $1.25 per day.

    1.54 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 

    An average village has 1,500 people.

    1 million villages exist in 70+ countries.

    TCD is not just a methodology, it's a movement. Will you be a part of it?

  • Coffee Without Borders

    Coffee Without Borders shares the global currency of coffee to improve the quality of life for people living in developing countries. By purchasing coffee through Coffee Without Borders, you are making an impact in the lives of those working to end their own poverty.  

    Coffee Without Borders shares 100% of their profits with charitable organizations, including GHNI.  For example, Coffee Without Borders partnered with Hilton Hawaii by providing coffee through the hotel.  Those sales alone brought significant funding for villages in Asia.

    We are truly grateful for their contributions! 


    Coffee on coffee leafs