Blog: Hike4Hope

World Cup Soccer!

Yes, Trey and Maddie got to grab a peek at the World Cup using the phone and cell service of another hiker during a "dry out" time in their shelter.  Stormy weather makes for a great rest day while hikers dry out!  Trey and Maddie learned that a 6 PM bedtime isn't unusual for hikers.  Sundown is considered "hiker's midnight"!


Stormy Weather!


As you can see, it's not all fun and games for our hikers, Trey and Maddie!  Can you let them know we are out here hanging with them by donating toward their cause?  $21.90, $219 or any other amount you can give will encourage them to keep on trekking!


Throw Back to Day one....

These were all the hikers starting out on Day one with us.  About half are still on the trail....many trials and hills along the way.  Trey and Maddie feel blessed to be healthy and well enough to continue!


Sliding UNDER the fallen trees!

Sometimes, for Maddie, it's just easier to slide under the fallen trees than climb over!  Where there's a will, there's a way!


Making New Friends!

Trey and Maddie met Anna along the trail and peaked the mountain together!  Sharing #Hike4Hope with others!



Trey usually carries the tent. But today Maddie added it to her load because Trey's knee was hurting. Taking the load for a day, helped give Trey's knee a break.  Working hard together. Even 4 to 5 pounds of tent can change your hiking pace and overall feel. Every ounce counts when you’re hiking miles on miles each day.  


Day 6 begins....

Trey and Maddie have made it through some tough terrains, including a bit of mountain climbing!  Day six has begun and they will hike their way to the "100 mile Wilderness".

While they've not had connection outside of satellite ranges, we are still tracking them and will be posting pictures soon.

Let's keep cheering them on!  Please post your encouragement for them!