Blog: Africa

Training Leaders

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt

As the head of an NGO, I thought to be successful meant leading many different projects and programs and to oversee many leaders busy with many activities. Alternately, the Community Development Education (CDE) program helps others to mature in all aspects of their lives through groups. The structure has 25 leaders and 7 sub leaders, who lead about 105 smaller groups.

Nurturing Talent Where No One Else Did

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

Introducing sweet Doaa, an 11-year-old girl growing up in Ezbit el Nakhl. She regularly attends our weekly lessons in EL Zorab, where we discovered her talent for drawing and artwork. She lives in a simple society that doesn't value girls or their talents. Also, this community distinguishes between boys and girls.

A Tiny Life Saved

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Sometime in the third week of November, Basiru, GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker in Dogon Gada Village, paid a friendly visit to the home of Daniel. Upon arriving there, he discovered Hauwa, Daniel’s two-year-old daughter, was very sick with diarrhea and vomiting.  It was already about 8:00 PM, and Basiru could not access the closest hospital to Dogon Gada at that time.

Excited about Wellness Lessons

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

Gamaza and Zuru live in Kagita, a village within the Dogon Gada cluster. This duo visits Dogon Gada from time to time and has been privileged to hear Basiru, our TCD worker, teach about lessons on wellness.

Basiru took the teaching to Kagita recently. Gamaza, Zuru, and several other villagers were excited about the new things they learned. One of these is how good environmental and personal hygiene enhance healthier living.

Nutrition to Prevent Diseases

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

Risk factors, such as a person’s lifestyle and environment, are known to increase the likelihood of many diseases. Villagers need to be taught about those risk factors!

Farming Saved Her Family

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Mama Guyatu is a mother of four. She is married to Mr. Abdi, who is a casual worker in town. He leaves very early in the morning for town, not knowing what his fate will be. At times, he can even go home without any coins in his pocket, and on such nights, his children sleep with hunger. The situation grew unbearable since the local rate of poverty increased. His children were missing classes due to lack of school fees.

Cecilia in her own handmade clothes!

Shambani Village, Kenya

Cecilia is a single mother of two. Having come from an extremely poor family, Cecilia had to drop out of school when her parents gave her hand in early marriage to get a dowry to benefit themselves. Her husband turned out to be very violent, sometimes beating her and leaving her for dead.

School for Every Child

Attir Village, Kenya

Poverty has really played its role here in Attir Village. It has grounded so many activities and lives, and created despair in every aspect of life of those it has held captive. It has not chosen between the elderly and the children, and it has become an inherited mentality.

A school has finally been set up in order to fight poverty, making a proper tomorrow for the children. But this has not been easy!