Blog: Africa

Microfinance Changes Hardship to Prosperity

Attir Village, Kenya

Peter broke into tears of joy as he expressed how his life has been transformed through the help of GHNI. He explained how miserable his life had been, with division in his family to an extent of planning marriage for his immature daughter.

Transforming Rainwater

Shambani Village, Kenya

The previous season in Shambani Village was a great blessing after they had a good harvest for food and seedlings. But as this year started, the main stream that feeds the water pan for irrigation had dried up completely, and the weather changed so badly that nobody could walk or work during the heat. All hope for planting this season had diminished, and all stored food had been eaten.

Empowered to Break Free!

Isiolo Empowerment Center, Kenya

Giving help and restoring hope is the key to our Transformational Community Development (TCD) method. Our new and growing Empowerment Center in town is increasing the help and hope we give villagers.

Rescued with Help & Hope

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem Village has a population of over 1,500 people, mostly comprised of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from other villages. The HIV rate is high compared to other villages. This has led to the poverty level going up, with many orphans who are also HIV positive.

A Family Transformed

Kito Village, Ethiopia

Hussein lives in Kito Village. He is 45 years old and has three children with this wife. Hussein did not have a job. Previously, even if he got work, he gave it to other people instead. Now he is committed to changing his life, so he took our initial Transformational Community Development (TCD) training that we held in Kito Village.

Right after the training, Hussein signed up to be part of the agriculture group. We were very glad for him.

Champion Couple

Bisidimo Village, Ethiopia

Bisidimo Village is a new Transformational Community Development (TCD) village in the east part of Ethiopia. After we finished our surveys of several villages, we selected Bisidimo.

In this village, there are both Somali and Oroms tribes living together.

Women Ready to Begin Their Transformation Work

Harowayo Village, Ethiopia

Harowayo Village is another one of our new villages, also found in the southern part of Ethiopia in the Borana Zone, similar to Dida Hara Village.

All the Transformational Community Development (TCD) committees are now established in this village, too!

Wasting No Time for Transformation

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia

Dida Hara Village is found in the south part of Ethiopia, in the Oromia region. Being outside the town of Yabelo, it’s considered in the “Yabelo Zone." This is one of our four NEW villages where GHNI-Ethiopia has begun Transformational Community Development (TCD).