Blog: Africa

Seeing with One’s Heart

Shambani Village, Kenya


Mzee has been going through some hard moments after he learned of his HIV status. He was disowned by his own family as well as his neighbors. The whole community abandoned him, and he was totally stigmatized because of his condition. Nobody wanted to associate with him and, at one point, he was bedridden and waited for death.



Goat Multiplication

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


Churu is 29-years-old and living in Dida Hara Village. She is married and has two children. Since she got married, all the burden of the family fell on her shoulders. Even before she married, she was the one who worked for everything in her family.



Educating Leadership

Upper Egypt Village Cluster, Egypt


More than three million Sudanese live in Egypt and most of them are refugees who are waiting for a chance to travel to the USA, Canada or Australia. In Cairo, we trained 20 Sudanese leaders from 7 areas. It was a great time! They will apply Transformational Community Development (TCD) principles when they help poor families in Cairo.