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Giving Tuesday Unofficial Results

On behalf of all of GHNI's staff, volunteers, villagers, and partners, we would like to sincerely thank you for all you did to support us on Giving Tuesday this year!

Whether you were a donor, advocate, or social networker, you played a key role in our Giving Tuesday success. The numbers are still being finalized, but here's a summary of what we know so far.





From Family Planning to Farming

Community Health Volunteers (CHV) from Shambani Village attended a training on pregnancy and family planning. GHNI partnered with other NGOs in developing and providing this meaningful training. The training took almost a week and participants were taught four key guidelines to address the top issues affecting mothers in our villages:



Water Brings Joy to Villagers and Animals Alike

GHNI taught Attir Village the importance of networking with other organizations and soon after, an organization drilled a well for the community. Water is life as it revives humans, animals, and plants. Attir was once a dry village but now everything is full of life and so useful to the community. The availability of water has really benefitted not only human beings, but also the animals.



Healing from the Inside Out

Transformation is the key to our success. Changing attitudes and helping an individual believe in himself takes time but with determination and continuous coaching, change will automatically come. The vision of restoring hope to those who are hopeless and helpless will be accomplished as it is GHNI ‘s dream.



Making Room for More Students

Ahumbe Primary School is growing day by day. Some challenges are resulting from the growth. One pronounced challenge is the lack of school infrastructure with no completed buildings or furniture. The six-classroom building that was started last March is still at the foundation stage. Construction of the building could not continue throughout the rainy season because of the excessive downpours experienced this year. The rains are subsiding fast and it is hoped that work will commence in earnest in the next one-to-two weeks.


Working on a Plan for Success

Just like in other villages, we are establishing different Transformational Community Development (TCD) committees in the newer villages. The committees are receiving different TCD trainings. In Elala Village, there is a boy called Lelisa who completed high school last year. He did not score highly so he could not enter the university. Disappointed and discouraged, Lelisa discussed with our TCD workers joining the Agriculture Group along with his plan to improve his scores by studying at night school. He is planning to pay his school fees by working hard with the group.



Friends Work Toward Success

Abdul and Sadat are friends living in Bisidimo Village. Both graduated from high school two years ago and did not score well enough to join the university. One day, they were discussing the future and decided to join our Transformational Community Development (TCD) groups. After they were accepted by the TCD workers, they began working hard to change their lives. During the discussion, I asked them why they decided to join the group. They shared that they saw no other option, as their future was dark. But now, they are able to work as they gain knowledge.


Model Villager Sets the Pace

Mohammed is a strong and hardworking villager in Kito Village. His story was told before, but it is good to tell his story again, as he is a model villager in the Agricultural Group. Besides the group farm, Mohammed has his own farmland. He planted tomatoes on one hectare (about 2.5 acres) of land and produced forty boxes of tomatoes. This earns him 35,000 birr (nearly $1,200). This is huge money for him when we compare it to his life three years ago. He did not have this much money before. Now, he is a model villager and he recruited one person to replace him in the group.


Help & Hope for a Widow

Duleti lives in Harowayo Village. She is married and has four children. Her husband died three years ago, so life was very difficult for her family, as the burden of supporting the family fell upon her. She was recruited by the village leaders to join the Agriculture Group. Duleti is working hard and now earns enough money to support her children. Since she joined, she has earned more than 32,000 birr (about $1,100) in the last two years. Now, three of her children can attend school



Blooming Onion Business

Chalise and Gelgelo are husband and wife, who have three children. Gegelo was in the military, but because he was not healthy, he left the military, returned to his village, and married his wife, Chalise. After he came back, he was earning a very small income from the government, which was not enough money to run his family. The children were growing and so were their needs, so they found a solution in joining the Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. Before they joined, they had watched their friends progress, and this inspired them a lot, too.