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TCD Comes to Tuti

Tuti Village is a new project location for Transformational Community Development (TCD) in Ethiopia. Lema and Megerssa are active members of our Agriculture Group in Tuti Village. They serve as group leaders on both the Water Committee and Agriculture Group. At this point, we are focused on training about TCD. After the training, they were happy and very egger to implement the knowledge. Getting started, the Agriculture Group members prepared land for different crops. The Wellness Committee will start teaching the community about wellness.

Giving Tuesday is Today!

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived! Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to become a more committed supporter of GHNI. As a reminder, there are 3 easy ways you can join in the movement today and help villagers end their extreme poverty: 

1. Give

Every gift makes a big impact! For example, did you know just $10 can provide gardening equipment for a family to grow their own food? Or that just $25 can provide a pair of chickens?


Overcoming Life's Challenges

Women of Ezbit el Amir


Sewing Machines Project


Lessons for a Lifetime

Children of Helwan

Shahed  is nine years old and was honored after her regular visits to the center. She said,


TCD at Work

Economic conditions are very difficult in Egypt these days, but one of the richest businessmen in Egypt decided to help families preparing for the start of school. This businessman decided to help 1,000 children in the seven villages where we provide Transformational Community Development (TCD) training. He provided each child with a lunch box, a bottle of water, and a notebook. The children had great joy as did their families.



Wellness Through Walking

Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


Riding Out the Rainy Season

Transformational Community Development (TCD) work in Ngassa Village was greatly hampered by the heavy rains experienced in this year's rainy season which made the village inaccessible from Maroua, where John Babalola, Joshua Samuel, and Jeremiah Yohanna have their accommodation. We have yet to put up any building in Ngassa. Babalola and his team have no living quarters in the village, so they commute from Maroua to the village every time. With the floods, it became impractical to commute to and from Ngassa.



Medical Team Brings Help & Hope

Mainasara and Fatima had opportunities for re-training and traveling in the course of the last quarter and at the beginning of the present quarter. The travels that took them out of Koubah Bingo for weeks, coupled with the rainy /farming season activities, resulted in the Transformational Community Development (TCD) activities being scaled down. Mainasara was asked to attend the TCD Training of Teachers course 1 (TOT 1) that was held in Port-Novo, Benin Republic in mid-August by way of a refresher course.


4 More World-Changing Holiday Gift Ideas

How's that holiday gift list coming? Still have some names to check off? We've got you covered! If you didn't find what you needed on our first list of 5 Gifts That Help End Poverty, here are some more ideas to consider this season.










Why Should You Participate in Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday started in 2012 as a response to consumerism after Thanksgiving, specifically Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It started small, but each year, more and more organizations and donors have participated worldwide.