Blog: Asia

Community Flooded

UV Village, Sri Lanka

Because of heavy rains that prevailed in the south, the roads to the community center were flooded under water. The children were unable to go to school since their homes also went under water. We had to cancel tutoring class until the water went down and the weather improved.


Learning Useful Skills

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Computer Center

A new group has begun and students are taking the orientation about the computer technology. This group has great expectations to learn many things from the class. Former students are also involved in the community with the local teacher.  


Working for a Good Return

*JT Village, Nepal

As the rainy season has started, most of the farmers are busy preparing their fields for the next crop. They are plowing the fields and spreading manure on them. Some of the farmers lost their crops because of heavy hailstone. They were discouraged about their great loss.


Studying Near Home

U Village, Sri Lanka

The children in U Village are busy writing for their monthly examination. The children get excited when it is examination time. The whole class tries to beat out one another to score the highest marks in the examination.


*Sachini’s High Aspiration

WR Village, Sri Lanka


“I am Sachini. I am eight years old and my father and mother work on the tea estate. They work long hours, and, when they get home, they are very tired and rest for many hours. I have seen this happen on a daily basis, which makes me frightened about their health, as they can fall ill.


Preparing for the Future

Sindh Province, Pakistan




Farmers are waiting for water, as the irrigation has been closed the last five months. There has been no water to sow the next crops, but farmers are still hoping to get water from the government.


Sewing Center