Blog: Asia

Children Making a Difference

Champion Village, Bangladesh


Sabbir Thrives in Life



Excited Graduates

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Sewing Class

On our track to empower women, the last sewing group has finished their training course after three months. After finishing the course, the women are able to cut and stitch clothes. They are excited to work hard as the trainer helped them to learn a lot of new verities of fashion. Most of the women add to their husband’s income by stitching clothes.



Healthy Habits in Rainy Season

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


In this season, we discussed the importance of good health in the village of Dhoker Jhara. Due to the rain, the village roads were very badly affected. The small children play in muddy puddles causing various sicknesses, such as colds, coughing, measles, ear pain, etc. Parents don’t understand that precaution is better than cure when their children fall sick.



Dedicated to Positive Change

*JT Village, Nepal


Although busy with their own work and preparing for the festival, farmers still came for Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and meetings. Sharing their experiences with each other is so powerful. The leaders said this has brought change in their village. Teachers are more committed to invest effort in improving their school environment.



Small Garden Doing Great Work

Garden of Peace & Hope, Afghanistan


In September, we held an exhibition named “Peace” which included various art pieces of drawings and paintings by young students. More than one hundred people visited this exhibition, especially young girls and boys, some officials from the Ministry of Culture and Information, and also the Deputy of the Ministry.



Question & Answer Time

*U Village, Sri Lanka


It was a rainy day in U Village and many children did not turn up for the English class. A new poem was taught to the children who enjoyed learning it. The meaning was explained to them as “Rain, rain, go away.” This also gave us an opportunity to find out how much they have improved in the English language. Each was asked to recite a part of the poems they have studied in the past. They were asked questions and they answered in English.