Blog: Asia

Resolved to Change

Kharibari Village, India


During our committee training in May through June, the committee had settled on three resolutions for the village, which were (A) install one more street light in the village, (B) write an application for construction of a culvert in the village, and (C) ensure that all the children of the village go to school and study at home in the evening.



Providing Hope to Those in Need

Hoja Bulbulok & Yagnob Villages, Tajikistan


Safarmurod and his family’s life have transformed. Every Friday, we have discussions with the Vakhdat team. We talk a lot about life issues and every time they have questions that I answer to the best of my ability. It’s a great time for us. We talk openly and speak truth to each other. During this meeting, our team relays in depth about GHNI’s work in their village.



Waiting List for Tutoring

*WR Village, Sri Lanka


Most of the children who come to the Tamil class are Sinhala children who need to study the Tamil language, as the government has made it a compulsory subject for the General Certificate Education (ordinary level). Private tutoring classes are further away from the village and charge high tuition fees that parents cannot afford. Therefore, we see children joining this class, as we offer it free.



Mastering the Alphabet

*U Village, Sri Lanka



Developing Teachers of Others

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Computer Center


The group in our computer academy is learning typing skills and how to prepare assignments. Up to now, more than 200 young boys and girls have graduated from our OM Computer Academy and many secured private and government jobs. Many are still in school or college completing their higher studies. This computer academy develops the village and puts the youth on the path of progress.