Blog: Asia

Honing Their Skills

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Computer Center


The students in our computer center are developing their technology skills and learning in depth. Now the group is learning about Microsoft Office and completing assignments as well. The teacher and students are both doing their best to learn and teach.





Preparing for Examinations

*U Village, Sri Lanka


The children are coached in math for the forthcoming all-island scholarship examination. The children are doing their very best to earn high marks, as this will give them an opportunity to select a school of their choice in any part of the island. The government will pay all expenses incurred during their education, up to the time they complete their studies.



Friendly Competition in School

*WR Village, Sri Lanka


In our project in WR Village, the teacher informed us that many of the children came from Sinhala- speaking families when they started learning Tamil. At the beginning the children found it difficult to spell and write Tamil words; however, now they enjoy speaking to each other in Tamil.