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Hope for the Holidays: India School Expansion

One of GHNI's high-need projects this holiday season is expansion of the school in Dhoker Jhara Village, India. Read on to learn more about this project and find out how you can help!



Giving Tuesday Unofficial Results

On behalf of all of GHNI's staff, volunteers, villagers, and partners, we would like to sincerely thank you for all you did to support us on Giving Tuesday this year!

Whether you were a donor, advocate, or social networker, you played a key role in our Giving Tuesday success. The numbers are still being finalized, but here's a summary of what we know so far.





Environmental Studies

The children were given a lesson on an environment study as a preparation for their forthcoming examination in school.


The teacher explained that the environment consists of water, land, lakes, rivers, humans, animals, plants, and air. The environment must be kept clean to get fresh air and reduce pollution in order to overcome the occurrence of diseases.



Dreams of Becoming a Doctor

“My name is **Kalpani and I am eight years old. I study in the fourth grade. My parents work on the estate as laborers. I have two older brothers who go to school. After school, they do odd jobs to earn money for our monthly family expenditures. When I see my brothers work in the nearby fields, I feel sorry for them as they get tired very much. When they get home, they have to do school homework.


Making Dream Jobs Attainable

Sewing Center


The sewing center is providing the best skills training to women, enabling them to make a difference in the community as they help their families. We are on the track to empower the women to live better lives.



Making Room for More Students

Ahumbe Primary School is growing day by day. Some challenges are resulting from the growth. One pronounced challenge is the lack of school infrastructure with no completed buildings or furniture. The six-classroom building that was started last March is still at the foundation stage. Construction of the building could not continue throughout the rainy season because of the excessive downpours experienced this year. The rains are subsiding fast and it is hoped that work will commence in earnest in the next one-to-two weeks.


Giving Tuesday is Today!

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived! Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to become a more committed supporter of GHNI. As a reminder, there are 3 easy ways you can join in the movement today and help villagers end their extreme poverty: 

1. Give

Every gift makes a big impact! For example, did you know just $10 can provide gardening equipment for a family to grow their own food? Or that just $25 can provide a pair of chickens?


Overcoming Life's Challenges

Women of Ezbit el Amir


Sewing Machines Project


Lessons for a Lifetime

Children of Helwan

Shahed  is nine years old and was honored after her regular visits to the center. She said,


Identifying Educational Needs

I visited the Women’s Empowerment Center (WEC) in Azhdar this week. It was cold, and I saw some snowfall in Bamyan. Within three days, I had different meetings with local people, our staff, and the students. The students are coming daily, but, unfortunately, some of the students left the class because their parents declined to give them the 250 AFN (about $3) needed for the starter book.


Additionally, the students are concerned about early coldness this year. When they enter the center at 3:30, it’s not sunny so some of them feel cold.