Blog: Indonesia

Mounting Tensions on the Island

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village & Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

Educated to Be Resourceful

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

A long drought and heat have caused cracks in several of the rainwater tanks in Cambaloe Village, which is not abnormal for concrete tanks. Having learned from GHNI’s previous training on maintenance of water tanks using local resources, this situation has prompted households to gather their resources to repair the tanks before the rainy season fully starts.

Women to Run Shrimp Farming Cooperative

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After three years of working with the community towards sustainable development in Batu Ampara Village, we are beginning to see the results of their hard work. One of the income generation projects has been Vanammei shrimp farming and cultivation, in which a couple of farmers have already had successful harvests.

Fancy Stitching

Camba Berua Village, Indonesia

Our cottage industry in Camba Berua Village has taken wings and GHNI has successfully transitioned the leadership of this project to locals. The women in Camba Berua are committed to their sewing program and training.

Rising Stars of Cocoa Farming

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Mr. A’s Cocoa Reputation

It has been less than a year since Mr. A* came back to Sendana Village in order to take care of his father-in-law’s cocoa field. Mr. A was born on another island of Indonesia and came to live in Sendana after he got married. Shortly after his wedding, Mr. A struggled to make adequate income for his family and has had to leave the village several times to look for work.

Help from Hawaii

Rimba, GHNI project manager in Indonesia, shares of the excitement of a recent visit from a team of volunteers from Hawaii. His stories go to show how a little encouragement can make a huge difference in the lives of rural villagers pulling themselves out of poverty!

Hope Remains after a Meager Harvest

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After spending more than two months breeding shrimp, Daeng Tinri harvested his shrimp in early September with help from a team of volunteers from Hawaii. He harvested 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of shrimp, a meager harvest partially due to low water levels, not enough circulation, and high temperatures—factors related to the dry season.

Indonesia’s National Cocoa Day

Sendana Village, Indonesia

At the present period where globalization is a reality, it is hard to think of what is people’s life in remote areas like Sendana Village, where the Internet or cell phone signals are not available. It is also difficult to appreciate the amount of information and knowledge we learn in the modern world, even without realizing it.

Family Feud Resolved through Shrimp Ponds

Can a humble shellfish help heal a nearly broken relationship? It did that and more for feuding brothers-in-law in one struggling village! Rimba, Field Leader in Indonesia, tells us how these villagers are uniting to transform their community despite any challenge which might get in their way.

Farmers Unite in “Kerja Bakti”

We all know that three strands braided together are stronger than one strand by itself. Paul, GHNI National Leader in Indonesia shares how these farmers prove that strength is in numbers.