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Investing in a Better Future

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

Villagers Take Initiative

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

When GHNI first started the Transformational Community Development (TCD) program in Batu Ampara Village, we found that the people in the community were reluctant to work together and were only concerned with their personal interests. Consequently, we have been teaching TCD lessons on the importance and value of working together towards development.

Mr. A Farms Despite Challenges

Sendana Village, Indonesia

*Mr. A has been facing more problems than other farmers in the rehabilitation process of his cocoa farm. First, several cows came onto his land and ate the young tree grafts. After that, the river next to his field flooded and damaged the soil. Right after he grafted his trees, the rains came, causing several grafts to grow fungus and fail to grow.

Women Gain Influence in the Community

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After beginning the Vannamei shrimp-breeding program in Batu Ampara, we have worked with seven individuals from the community who have now seen the benefits of the program. Some of them are continuing on their own, without additional financial support from GHNI.

Rainwater is Free!

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

This quarter, we continued to help households in the community build rainwater tanks and latrines. While building the tanks, we discovered that the government started a new program to build a desalination tank for a neighboring village. The pipe for the desalination tank has been installed across Cambaloe.

One of the villagers who had already built a rainwater tank for his home told GHNI,

The Lessons Continue

Sendana Village, Indonesia

Kindergarten Teacher Program

Mounting Tensions on the Island

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village & Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

Educated to Be Resourceful

Tanakeke-Cambaloe Village, Indonesia

A long drought and heat have caused cracks in several of the rainwater tanks in Cambaloe Village, which is not abnormal for concrete tanks. Having learned from GHNI’s previous training on maintenance of water tanks using local resources, this situation has prompted households to gather their resources to repair the tanks before the rainy season fully starts.

Women to Run Shrimp Farming Cooperative

Tanakeke-Batu Ampara Village, Indonesia

After three years of working with the community towards sustainable development in Batu Ampara Village, we are beginning to see the results of their hard work. One of the income generation projects has been Vanammei shrimp farming and cultivation, in which a couple of farmers have already had successful harvests.

Fancy Stitching

Camba Berua Village, Indonesia

Our cottage industry in Camba Berua Village has taken wings and GHNI has successfully transitioned the leadership of this project to locals. The women in Camba Berua are committed to their sewing program and training.