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Tanakeke is Grieving

Tanakeke Island, Indonesia


Early in this year, a time that was supposed to be full of new hope for a better future turned out to be disaster for 31 people from Tanakeke Island. A boat experienced an accident when a big wave and strong wind struck and sank the boat on its way to Tanakeke Island, on a Friday afternoon in early February.



Equipping the Next Generation

Sendana Village, Indonesia


During the fourth quarter of 2016, our three-fold focus was on 1) financial management training for Sendana cocoa farmer families, 2) continued agricultural support, and 3) program planning for 2017 by key farmers (committee).


1. Financial Management


No Time for Retirement

Preparing for the Rain

Balong-Cambang Village, Indonesia


GHNI-Indonesia has opened a project in Balong-Cambang Village. From August until October of 2016, the villagers were busy preparing their land for the coming rainy season. Now that the rain has come, they are even busier, working to plant the rice seed as soon as possible on all of the prepared land. The awareness of the community about the importance of farming has recently increased greatly. They realize that by using the unused and abandoned land, and planting their own rice, they will have food security and sustainability.  

Readying for the Rainy Season