Blog: The Middle East

New School for Refugee Children

Refugee Families in Lebanon

Due to the nature of our work in the field, it's not always possible to provide a high quality photo. We're happy to provide a current visual of our work despite the quality.

Hundreds of thousands of the Syrian refugee children are in Lebanon without a school. Even if they had the chance to be in one, they cannot provide the school supplies and transportation fees. Thus, the only means is by foot.

Conference Just for Children

Refugee Families in Lebanon

One of the many programs GHNI is conducting within refugee camps in Lebanon is for children. Last month, our team of volunteers did a conference for the children at Kafarshima. The children who attended learned many songs. One boy named *Ameen does not speak. He is a quiet boy most of the time. His grandmother came and watched with great joy as her nephew kept singing all the time.

Sow Seeds of Hope

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

In Dafyaneh, the goats are doing great! They give birth to new baby goats. Our shepherd, Muhammad, likes this project, as he is taking good care of them and cleaning the fold. He is working hard to provide food for the goats, and he has collected enough for the winter.

Also, Um Samir is doing very good. Her son, Samir, is looking after the food and shelter of the goats. They need some help, as one of our goats almost died.

Bringing Hope to All, Regardless of Religion

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

This past month, we have helped the son of the Sheikh, who is a friend of our GHNI Jordan office. The Sheikh helps by consulting us on many important issues. He fully supports us, and loves what we do and how we operate our work. His son, Sultan, who studies in the faculty of the international Islamic sciences, needed to take the summer semester, but he couldn’t afford it.

Classes Filled with Young Girls and Boys

House of Ruth, Jordan

Filled with activity, at the House of Ruth we are continuing to teach the teenage girls and the nine-year-old girls. We are averaging about 19 girls each week.

We have been invited to Um Karam's home, twice now. Our friendship with her has been slowly developing.

One of the teenage girls wants us to come and visit her family in their home. We will probably try to do that next month. The boys are enjoying the computer class, and now the girls are asking for a computer lesson, too.

Building Hope within the Hearts of Refugees

Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan

This October was long and full of great activity with Syrians. We paid a lot of home visits and held Kids’ Club. It all makes us feel blessed as we see what a positive impact we are having. It’s such a great thing to experience when everyone we meet smiles and is able to forget the pain of the life they live, day and night.

Changed Families from Effective Parenting Lessons

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

After our lessons on “Effective Parenting,” two ladies shared with us some of their reactions and how they were affected.

Progress in Ending Extreme Poverty

By, Bethany Marinelli

The year of 2015 will go into the books as one of great change and progress for Global Hope Network International. Our staff has worked hard, both in the field in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, and in our resource offices in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

It’s difficult to truly quantify the hard work of Hidden and Hurting around the world who toiled toward a future of Hope. It is they whom we stand by in awe as they inspire us to push forward to end extreme poverty.


Cottage Industries for Income Generation

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Journey of Two Sisters

Growing Goat Program to Help More Families

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

This project is going very well, proving to be helpful and productive. Therefore, we are expanding to help and benefit more families in different parts of the Hashemite Kingdom.