Blog: The Middle East

Bringing Help, Just In Time!

Refugee Families in Jordan

This family we met long time ago are good friends to us now. Many great things happened with this family that we are definitely thankful for.

At the end of 2014, we were with a team, divided into groups going on visits. One day I got overwhelmed, bored, and got this sense to stop what I was doing and to go visit Abu Nafit and his family, to sit there with them and drink a cup of Syrian tea. And that is what we actually did when we arrived there.

Building Relationships through Goat Farming

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

This month we were visited by some friends from the United States who joined us on our visit to Mofaradat. They were so happy to meet all the ladies who host the goats, and they filmed the goats to help promote getting some support for this family and the project in general. This month was very cold, also, which unfortunately caused us to lose one goat.

Earring Income and Having Fun

House of Ruth, Jordan

We are happy and glad that House of Ruth is to be active this month. There are between seven to ten young ladies meeting once a week to work in the centre and spend time together.

Beautiful Crocheting Pays the Rent

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

As we were able to begin a Transformational Community Development (TCD) project with *Nassam’s family, we gave them a small loan to buy more yarn. As they create new items, we’ve been telling people about *Selah’s crochet pieces. We have actually sold some pieces out of her handiwork. She does beautiful items.

The Transformation Message is Getting Out

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

One can see that the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons do make a difference in the life of people. *Ramiza shared:

Healing from the Trauma of Political Conflict

Death was all around them. Fathers, brothers, children, wives, grandmothers and grandfathers died in the attacks. They fled their homes and their country to escape the horrors of conflict and violence. Some now live in tents in large refugee camps in surrounding countries, fighting to get a handout of food or other necessities. A few have found a small apartment...shared with two or three other families. On top of the nightmare they left behind, Syrians who used to have homes, jobs, bank accounts, and schools to attend are subjected daily to crime of many varieties.


Walking for Days and Homeless

Syria-Iraq Disaster Relief

GHNI is helping families in Iraq who have fled the violence in Syria and Iraq.  Many have experienced the horror of seeing their families killed before them, people buried alive, and the loss of their homes and businesses. Many fled with whatever they had on their backs. Now they live in tents, abandoned buildings, and makeshift tarp structures, hoping to return to the land of their ancestors.

They need our help.

Escaping Death in Syria

Refugees in Lebanon

In Bekaa Valley, in one of the hundreds of camps located near the Syrian borders, countless refugees wait for the violence to stop. This camp was infected with scabies disease. We provided medicine after the American doctor team from GHNI examined them. On the 5th February, with our partner NGOs, we distributed to them 70 mattresses, 70 blankets, 25 carpets, and 23 tents to more than 35 families who live there.

Refugees and IDPs: Uprooted and Struggling to Survive

In countries around the world, literally millions of people have been uprooted by war, persecution, or natural disaster. A large portion of them are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), meaning that while they have been forced or have chosen under duress to leave their homes, they have remained within their homeland, as opposed to refugees, who have crossed an international border in pursuit of safety.