Blog: The Middle East

Third Generation Goats

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

We started this Goat Loan Program in October 2014 in the city of Salt, giving ten goats to a Jordanian woman named Um Ali. We agreed to pay for half of the goat feed, in exchange for one half of the new goats that were born. In March 2015, one of the goats gave birth to ten kids, six males and four females. One month later, one of the kids fell ill and died.

Barely Escaping with Their Lives!

Refugees in Jordan

Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan

Abu Mustafa (“Abed”) owned a small dry cleaning business back in Syria. One day, when his 15-year-old son, Mustafa, was helping him, Abed went out for an errand, leaving Mustafa in the shop. While Abed was away, a rocket fell near the building. The blast cost Mustafa his right arm and leg. Abed decided it was time to get his family out of Syria.

New Teacher in Town’s a Doctor!

House of Ruth, Jordan

Meet Dr. Niveen, a young, beautiful lady from Iraq. Dr. Niveen will be helping in the house of Ruth until the doors open for her and her family to leave Jordan and go somewhere chosen by the UN. She is a wonderful addition to the House of Ruth, especially since Dr. Bashar and Maria have both left.

A Persistent Soul

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Ibrahim is an Egyptian man of about 60 years. Grateful for aid from GHNI, he stops by the office regularly to offer his help. What a grateful man is he! He is taking care of his daughters, and like any other father, Ibrahim wants the best for his precious daughters, no matter what his financial situation.

Faraway Giving

Why write for GHNI?

GHNIs US team volunteer, Dee Rivers responded to our question...."You asked why I volunteer to write for GHNI". The answer: It is what I am supposed to do. 

Although Global Hope Network International's paradigm resonates with me, it was my first meeting with the organization's unparalleled staff that validates my deep feeling of being where I belong, where my work would hopefully touch readers viscerally, be validated by
the support of donors to help move desperate lives out of a darkness everlasting.


Dying for Hope

Refugee Families in Lebanon

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee families are falling short of receiving any support. Some of them were shocked to have the support suddenly cut off, and thus suffering is increasing. Refugees are found on streets searching for food in garbage containers.  

Aching at this sight, we prepared 900 sandwiches for dinner to be served to more than 500 people. Everyone was happy enjoying their meal, and we were glad to see these homeless people have hope.

Contracted for a Second Year

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

This is the time and the season for the birth of baby goats. We now have five newborn baby goats, so in addition to the first nine, Mohammad has 14 available goats for loan.

“We Feel Homeless”

Refugee Families in Jordan

Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Jordan has been very cold during this quarter. Many families lack food and heat, feeling alone and unloved. We were able to provide food, milk, and refillable gas heaters, while showing them love and care.

In order to generate some income, we have hired two different Syrian ladies to cook for us. Instead of taking a team out to a restaurant, we will order food from one of these ladies and pay her for the delicious meal.