Blog: The Middle East

Food for the Soul

Vocational Training Program, Jordan


Pickling Project

We continue to help *Anna with her pickles and pastries project. This has been such a good and constant source of income for Anna and her family. It has given her relief in many areas, as she continues to have lots of commitments and responsibilities. Little by little, things are getting better and we need to go step by step.



Sharing Prosperity

Goat Loan Program, Jordan


The goat project continues to prosper and be a gateway to help villagers of northern Jordan. Our friend, Maliha, is a Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker in her village. Her life was transformed through the Goat Loan Program and she now wants to see the same happen in other villagers’ lives.



New Backpacks!

*10th Leper Villages, Holy Land


Making some visits, we had a good opportunity to give children in different villages backpacks for the new school year. We put joy in their hearts. We are going to start Transformational Community Development (TCD) training in new schools.  





Filipinos Reach Out to Refugees

Refugee Families in Lebanon


GHNI in Lebanon is exceptionally pleased and rejoicing to see the seeds of investment which have been planted among the Filipino group that took the Community Development Education (CDE) training in the following areas: Jounieh, Antelias, Hamra, and Achrafieh. It was inspiring to see how they were committed to serve their community.



Learning and Playing

House of Ruth, Jordan


Summer Camp

We are thankful to announce that we started a summer camp this month in the House of Ruth. The children attend camp three days per week and play sports and meaningful games. We started with games focused on team-building and helps the girls and boys work together with love, honesty, and cooperation. We also distributed encouraging prizes to the 38 boys and girls.



A Long Road to Peace

Refugees in Jordan



Syrian Refugees in Jordan



Building Up Children

*10th Leper Villages, Holy Land


In 10th Leper Village, our team was part of a summer camp. The camp was for 120 children ages four to nine years old.  Our team taught the children about cleanliness, protecting themselves from strangers touching their body, and how to brush their teeth. Other activities included drawing and making some crafts.