Blog: The Middle East

Transforming Summer Programs

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

The summer has been busy with children’s programs and 15 villagers graduated from beekeeping training. We continued to offer a Transformational Community Development (TCD) program in five different schools. We also held a summer camp and taught nine lectures.

Free from Begging

Refugee Families in Lebanon  

Walking a whole hour to arrive to our location, a Syrian mum and her six children attend GHNI’s lesson programme. They show commitment to attend the lesson once a week.

Sweet Goat Milk & Butter

Goat Loan Programe, Jordan

Muhammad, one of our hosting families in the goat project, has been blessed with a new baby goat this month. His mother, who stayed up all night delivering the newborn, is very thankful that we have renewed the project with them.

The goats in their charge have yielded plenty of milk, some of which was made into butter. Salah, who paid them a visit recently, was offered a sample of the milk and butter which he reports tasted absolutely yummy.

Survivors of Terror Press On

Refugees in Jordan

Families Adopting Families

*Sharif is a graduate of a technical college. When power to the village was cut off, he used his generator to power people’s houses in exchange for a small fee. On the 5th of August, 2014, a violent group approached the area. At around 11AM, three children from the village were killed. When the violence was only 200 meters (about 650 feet) away from Sharif’s farm, his wife called him, asking him to come home.

Improvements & Growth

House of Ruth, Jordan

In recent months, our GHNI staff fixed up the House of Ruth. We painted the interior, put up a few decorations, planted a garden, and strung up the Jordanian flag.

Due to an increase in students, the children’s English class has been split in two. The two classes rotate between the English class and the computer class.

Serving Up Sandwiches

Vocational Training Program, Jordan

Haitham and his wife, Tamara, cook traditional Iraqi dishes and sell them in order to generate income in a country where they are not permitted to find employment. Our GHNI office staff members often buy their delicious food for lunch at the office and for various events.

Uplifting Children

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

Teased and laughed at by all the girls in her class, Rose is a third grade girl who wears eyes glasses and suffered low self-esteem. After she attended the children’s programe we held in her school, she learned how to forgive others and gained confidence in herself. This happened after the team encouraged, supported, and took care of her.

Let’s Get Rolling!

Refugee Families in Lebanon

Last month, GHNI distributed many baby strollers to the Syrian refugee princesses who must walk long distances. Some have to walk for half to one hour to attend the weekly meetings. These ladies were committed, even when the weather got really bad in the winter time. When there were strong rains or storms, they never skipped a lesson.

Third Generation Goats

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

We started this Goat Loan Program in October 2014 in the city of Salt, giving ten goats to a Jordanian woman named Um Ali. We agreed to pay for half of the goat feed, in exchange for one half of the new goats that were born. In March 2015, one of the goats gave birth to ten kids, six males and four females. One month later, one of the kids fell ill and died.

Barely Escaping with Their Lives!

Refugees in Jordan

Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan

Abu Mustafa (“Abed”) owned a small dry cleaning business back in Syria. One day, when his 15-year-old son, Mustafa, was helping him, Abed went out for an errand, leaving Mustafa in the shop. While Abed was away, a rocket fell near the building. The blast cost Mustafa his right arm and leg. Abed decided it was time to get his family out of Syria.