Blog: The Middle East

Developing Professional Crafting Skills

House of Ruth, Jordan

The ladies in the Center are doing a great job. They are applying what they have learned very well. Whenever they lack supplies and material, they call us. These young ladies are so eager to work and quite ambitious. They keep thinking of new ways to develop their work and grow more professional.             

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

A Life Spared

Building Our Own Goat Barn

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

The GHNI Goat Loan Program is going very well. It’s being helpful to local participant families and productive. Therefore, it is expanding to help and benefit more families in different parts of the Hashemite Kingdom, on the East Bank of the Jordan River.

Serving the Community

*10th Leper Village, Holy Land

GHNI has started a seed project in one of the villages in the Holy Land cluster. The villagers make the arrangements and recruit volunteers. They organized efforts to clean the village, especially the gardens and the public park for children.

Manal’s Holiday Wish: Food and Shelter for Her Children

“My one holiday wish is for a better way to provide food and a roof for my children.” -Manal*, Jordan

More than four million people have fled Syria since 2011. Many, like Manal and her children, have lost their homes and property, and now live in refugee camps across the border in neighboring countries. The same has happened to thousands of people from Iraq, who left homes and jobs behind, and became refugees to escape the violence in their country.

Providing Clean Water

Refugee Families in Lebanon

Among the hundreds of camps located near the Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley, there is a water shortage for those waiting for the war to end. Many camps are without water and some with little to no sources for water, which has caused much suffering, problems, and difficulties.

GHNI-Lebanon is working to help and give hope to many women and children living in these camps to minimize their suffering. For this problem, we are providing help through digging a well to provide clean water.


Refugees: Sustenance After Food Aid

Headlines and hashtags remind us how the pogrom underway in the Middle East, notably in Syria and Northern Iraq, are not slackening, but spreading, and how the beat goes on and on and on, ad infinitum - the beat of terrified hearts; the beat of old, broke-shank work boots in a desperate sprint past a distracted border guard; the beat of a panicked baby’s breath against its mama’s shoulder.

However, importantly, there are other, smaller-font headlines and hashtags happening that reveal another unfolding story, one of Hope.


Keeping Up with Productivity

House of Ruth, Jordan

The House of Ruth is experiencing a good and productive season. The ladies who make accessories are expanding their talents as they create new items, patterns, and designs to make. They are very happy and eager to work. Whenever there is a shortage in materials, they contact us immediately, so they don’t miss a day of working and learning in the center. We have sold plenty of the items they have made - beautiful things.