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Drive west from Dire Dawa across the rolling plains of eastern Ethiopia and you will find yourself in Megaladi. It’s a dry but beautiful area that has supported the herding community for many years. But over the last several years persistent drought has made water very scarce and life has become increasingly difficult as the people are being forced to learn new ways to make a living.

Alishow Village is a community of people within the Megaladi village cluster who have demonstrated dedication to transforming their village into a self-sustaining community.

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Transformational Community Development©

The Megaladi cluster has a small school, a new (but low quality) water well, a few small shops, and most importantly, enthusiastic and excited people (who love a good game of futbol!). Villagers in Alishow have the perfect foundations from which to build as GHNI begins its Transformational Community Development (TCD) partnership with the community.