21 years of hope

Thank you! We are so grateful to be in the GHNI family with you. You are a part of a legacy of bringing Hope and Help to those who need it the most over the past 21 years. This video is a quick tribute to you and so many others who make this possible.

In the year 2000, GHNI (Global Hope Network International) began bringing help and hope to the hidden and hurting. Today after 21 years we are celebrating all that has been accomplished in the lives of individuals, families, and whole villages. Throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East we have seen great change.

Many villages have utilized TCD (Transformational Community Development) to become self-sustainable. After 21 years we are grateful for all that has been accomplished. Now we look forward to even greater changes for many of the most vulnerable worldwide. We thank each one of you who have partnered with us. It is because of you that lives have been changed and we celebrate with you. Thank you!

Read A Thanksgiving Reflection from GHNI's Co-Founder, Lana Jones here!