22 Villages in 2022

Thank you for making an impact this year! Your support is vital in empowering villages around the world to transform and lift themselves out of poverty. You make the work possible!

As we go into 2022, we need your help to launch Transformational Community Development (TCD) in an additional 22 villages!

Will you consider joining GHNI in helping villages become self-sustaining by making a special one-time gift or becoming a reoccurring supporter? By joining our monthly giving program, The Village, you can provide communities with stable support year-round and become a champion in ending extreme global poverty!

Your special gift can help women in India start their own kitchen gardens, young students develop computer skills in Pakistan, farmers in Ethiopia get access to irrigation systems, women in Kenya start their own businesses, provide children in Sri Lanka with school supplies, supply food relief to refugees in Afghanistan and so much more! 

Your Impact Multiplies through Transformational Community Development

When a village decides to start the Transformational Community Development (TCD) journey, other surrounding villages become inspired to join in on the transformational work. Dhokarjara in India is a prime example of this! The work in Dhokarjara has inspired 20 other surrounding villages to work towards becoming self-sustaining. 

Sushil tells us that, “We don’t go from one village to another; we are raising up leaders from these 20 villages to train and teach them to lead. Over the next three to five years, not just one community but TWENTY communities will grow and be changed through Transformational Community Development.”

Read the story of Dhokarjara here!

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