• Do you know what slavery is?

    Slavery occurs when one person completely controls another person, using violence or the threat of violence to maintain that control, exploits them economically, pays them little or nothing and they cannot walk away. Slavery is not simple prostitution or any situation where the individual has the option to leave. 

    According to The Global Slavery Index, there are 45.8 million people are enslaved in the world today. 51% of those enslaved are female, while 21% are male and 28% are children. Teaching villagers about slavery prevention is part of the solution. The true solution to ending slavery is to end extreme poverty through Transformational Community Development.


  • Join our Monthly Giving Program, The Village

    This year you can help transform a community through our exclusive monthly giving program, The Village. 

    Through Transformational Community Development (TCD) villages are able to create local solutions to end their extreme poverty in the five key areas necessary for long-term, sustainable, development: food, water, wellness, education, and income.

    Your monthly gift to GHNI’s TCD programs, provides reliable support, ensuring the villagers receive training in TCD. You have the ability to transform a village when you commit to a monthly gift helping to end extreme poverty.


  • Do you know Charlie Lamento?

    Lamento is the Director of GHNI’s Criminal Law Policy and Training Center in Geneva , Switzerland . The center’s mission is to reform and reinforce public justice systems by serving the needs of governments, NGOs, civil society and corporate business sector who are committed to the elimination of crimes against humanity.

    The center focuses on organized crime, human trafficking, and national security issues. In order to shape policy and legislation in the private and public sectors that strengthen the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of these complex criminal matters, the center will provide cutting-edge legislation and training based on model legislation and international best practices, including our community based crime enforcement model.

    Lamento is a legislative advocate, an accomplished lawyer, former criminal prosecutor, and criminal investigator with an extensive background in the investigation, prosecution, and punishment of complex crimes, including trying cases by judge and jury.