Ukraine Disaster Response

The Russians have come; and with over 100,000 troops invaded Ukraine just over a week ago. Hundreds of lives have been lost officially, and probably many more. Between 1 and 5 million refugees are fleeing from Ukraine into neighboring countries. Millions will also be internally displaced to ‘safer’ regions within Ukraine. 

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine. 

Global Hope Network International does respond to help in times of human crisis. Our mission is to serve those who are hidden (marginalized and/or minorities) and hurting – certainly the people of Ukraine are experiencing ‘hurt’ in ways that most of us could never have anticipated a little over a week ago. We at GHNI are seeking to assist Ukrainian Refugees and displaced peoples in the most effective way possible.

Though we do not have staff in-country, we are uniquely positioned to assist through our ‘Network’ of partners who are engaged on the ground either in Ukraine or in neighboring countries now enduring the weight of refugees crossing their borders. We have reached out to several of these trusted partners, offering to channel giving to aid their work. 

You can help Global Hope Network International provide support and hope for many of the most vulnerable and hurting who have fled from fighting in Ukraine. GHNI will vet each need to ensure that the funds are used for the most pressing needs and greatest impact. 

Your gift today will help provide refugees with:

  • Emergency food and water
  • Hygiene and sanitation kits
  • Blankets and shelters as needed
  • Coordination efforts among organizations and partners who are assisting Ukrainian refugees
  • And more

Would you please stand with us to support the people of Ukraine who are hurting in their moment of need? Thank you in advance for your support.  Together, we can bring them hope and encouragement.

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