Norman Hawkins

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Norman Hawkins

Chairman of Geneva Board

Norm Hawkins has been Secretary of the GHNI US Board since January 2020, and Chair of the GHNI Geneva Board since January 2021.  Norm and his wife, Barb, have been supporters of GHNI since a short-term trip to GHNI’s field location in Amman Jordan in March 2016, where they assisted in the work with refugees.

Norm has worked as a labor and employment attorney representing management for over 35 years, practicing in law firms.  He has represented organizations from small to large, including Fortune 500 companies. Norm has taught federal administrative law in a US law school, as well as the business planning capstone course at a university in Michigan.

Norm and Barb married in November 2012, each bringing three adult children to their marriage.  They have thirteen grandchildren.  Norm and Barb enjoy gardening, lake activities, traveling together and volunteering in various capacities in their church.