Our Mission

Mission: Bring Help and Hope to the Hidden and Hurting

Worldwide, for people living in extreme poverty, the vast majority of humanitarian aid efforts never reach the rural villages where they live. GHNI believes it’s possible to bring not only sustainable transformation, but also a hope filled future, free from the perpetual cycle of poverty.

Village Transformation

Our core focus is helping villagers transform themselves sustainably and holistically through Transformational Community Development (TCD). This method offers a hand up, rather than a hand out, through knowledge transfer to village leaders. Working together, villagers are empowered to find solutions to the five key areas known to contribute to cyclical poverty—clean, accessible water; locally grown nutritious food; wellness education to prevent disease; education for all children; sustainable family income generation. .

Disaster Relief

When GHNI responds to disasters, we are able to meet immediate needs. As a result we are often invited to begin TCD, providing opportunity for long-term sustainability to the extreme poverty they are experiencing.

Slavery Prevention

Slavery has been identified as a horrific problem in many villages experiencing cyclical poverty. Hopelessness and desperation often lead to extreme vulnerability for villagers to succumb to slavery. Through TCD, slavery prevention creates opportunities to break these trends.

Leadership Impact

We equip national leaders in developing nations with leadership skills, concepts and methods to support transformation in their country by inviting them to participate in Transformational Leadership Development and Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (an international conference held in Geneva, Switzerland).