Cédric & Chanmi Léchot

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Cédric & Chanmi Léchot

Resource Team, Southeast Asia

Cédric, an agronomist graduated from the applied science University of Geneva, Switzerland has been involved with GHNI since September 2010, first in Indonesia and currently on a global level.

His expertise covers many different farming skills and includes Transformational Community Development (TCD) field experience. He enjoys contact with people, investing in their lives and discovering new ways of approaching the World. Overall his main goal is helping farmers, who did not have the chance, due to the lack of opportunities, to be trained in farming techniques and technologies.  Cédric plans to volunteer with GHNI in his areas of expertise and will raise funds for his travel for volunteer work. 

In the course of his years in Asia, Cédric found a beautiful wife, Chanmi, with whom he is now continuing his life-journey. Together, they look forward to continue providing TCD trainings and farming consultancy to people in remote areas of Asia.

Cédric & Chanmi