Raeda Haddad

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Raeda Haddad

GHNI Regional Assistant in Syria, Iraq, and Palestine

Raeda Haddad was born in Syria and earned her degree in architecture. After marrying a Jordanian physician, she lived in Jordan for four years before moving to the United States to pursue higher education in 1990. While her husband finished his medical training, Raeda completed her Master’s degree and is remotely working to complete her Ph.D. While living in the US, her heart continued to break for the people of the Middle East (ME). She translated and launched an educational and inspiring children’s programme in Syria (2008), Jordan (2009), Egypt (2014), and Sharjah (2015). Raeda has seen the lives of children and youth transformed throughout the United States and now in the ME.

Raeda was instrumentally key in launching a women’s educational programme in Jordan (2018), an organisation she has seen touch lives in both the US and now the ME and then around the globe. Raeda also launched a women’s programme online in Arabic in 2020 for the first time in 60 years. Leading the first online class, she serves as the online trainer of 28 group leaders serving 350 Arabic speakers around the globe.

In response to the global Syrian refugee crisis during the last decade, Raeda has mobilised, equipped, and led different teams of volunteers and medical professionals to care for refugees in Athens, Greece as well as throughout Jordan by partnering with international organisations and providing medical, financial, emotional, and educational support. With an understanding of both cultures, Raeda was able to serve as a cross-cultural consultant and liaison to a different organisation to connect and establish strategies in the ME.

Raeda has a passion for empowering women for the good of their communities as well as the future of the world. She is an international speaker who has spoken in different conferences in the ME, Africa, and the US. She has been blessed with a great family heritage of hope, leadership, and generosity, a loving husband, three supportive adult children, and two sons-in-law. When Raeda is not travelling, she is based out of Columbus, Ohio in the United States.