Tammy Anderson

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Tammy Anderson

Human Resources Administrator, US

Tammy is excited to join the GHNI team as it is wonderful to work with like-minded people who
want to help those in the world who are hidden and hurting. She is also thrilled to be able to use her
administrative and human resources background to serve and resource the staff.

Tammy and her husband, Matthew, have spent more than 30 years in the non-profit sector.
Spending 10 of the last 12 years in the South Pacific, specifically based in New Zealand. They spent
those 10 years traveling to the many Pacific Islands working with university students and resourcing
leaders with training and personal development. They have two grown children, one here in Florida
with them, the youngest still in New Zealand.

After living in California for two years, Tammy, Matthew and their son Josh have just moved to
Florida. We are huge Disney fans and are excited to be able to go to the parks, plus we are adjusting
back to Orlando after being gone for over 12 years.