Beyond TCD

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is the core concept of our work with villagers.  However, working with villagers in some regions exposed other issues impacted by the end of extreme poverty; requiring special attention as villagers worked together.  Beyond TCD shares important details on each of these major issues being changed through our work in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.



Slavery Prevention

You may know the fictional story of a village near a river.  In this village, small children began to fall into the river at an alarming rate.  Villagers every day would gather downstream to pull the children from the river, saving their lives.  Eventually, villagers were pulled from gardening and building so that the village began to deteriorate.  There was no food, no water to drink (no one went to the well) and housing diminished (no repairs were being made).  But the children weren't drowning!  One day, a wise man looked at the scenario and asked, "Why are the children falling into the water?"  Thus began an upswing.  A fence was built, preventing children from falling into the river and the village was saved!  Adults grew food, repaired buildings, fetched water and a thriving village was once more.  


This is how we, at Global Hope Network International, view Slavery Prevention. 

Learn more here about how our teams work to end slavery.



Disaster Relief

Global Hope Network International responds to natural disasters and political conflicts after first responders have completed their work. Our teams go in to help rebuild, empower, and raise up those who were impacted by transitioning quickly from Disaster to Development.  Offering smooth transition to a self-sustainability model restores dignity, brings healing and avoids the helplessness that often manifests after major disasters.  


Learn about our current Disaster Relief work here.



Leadership Impact

Global Hope Network International leaders have learned that helping the least of these often requires coaching and equipping policymakers and country leaders at the top to determine how best to impact the extreme poverty in their countries, building a hope-filled future.  To accomplish this task, we have partnered with others to host the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy, and a traveling training event, Transformational Leadership Development.  Both of these events are available to western leaders and leaders from developing nations.  


Learn more about both events here.