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The Next Generation of Farmers

Sendana Village, Indonesia


This month, the GHNI Sendana team facilitated a training at the Mars Cocoa Academy for ten cocoa farmers, including seven young Sendana farmers, all between the ages of 20 to 30 years old. After a 12- hour drive to reach the training venue, the farmers had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to refine their cocoa farming skills and deepen their understanding about pest and disease control, good agricultural practices, and soil maintenance.  


Developing Key Partnerships

Saneba Village, Burkina Faso


While doing the rounds in numerous villages, local authorities gave their best wishes to the schoolchildren, especially to those who are in the middle of exams. At the beginning of the year, the school in Fing had 168 students registered, 88 boys and 80 girls. There is only one school with three classrooms.


New Graduating Classes

Sindh Province, Pakistan

Sewing Center

After learning sewing skills for three months, we awarded completion certificates to the students.  Students were very excited on the day of graduation. We invited the local community leaders to encourage the students. Students were happy that they completed the course and learned the good skills of stitching.

Computer Center

Increasing Their Harvest

Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria

It is farming season in North West Nigeria. Dogon Gada, a village in Kebbi State, Northwest Nigeria, has enjoyed good rainfall. The locals are happy with the rains and with their farms. They anticipate abundant yields and excitingly look forward to the harvesting season.

Holistic Solutions: Hope Not Handouts

By Dee Rivers


Aberash* stands in a dust-bowl landscape. Around her, like a barren garden where once flowers flourished, are small mounds -- graves of children lost to the consequences of drought. They perished from thirst. Or they starved. Or they succumbed to the diseases of a waterless, malnourished, and contaminated existence.

Organic and Hybrid Rice Proves Successful

Jatapara Village, India


This is the rainy season here in India and, in almost every part of India, farmers cultivateGaining rice. In the village of Jatapara and surrounding areas, rice is the main cultivation the whole year.