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Five Star lodging

"The flatter terrain and walking through fields-we’ve enjoyed!! This shelter was a welcome sight!"  Maddie

Just Knockin' around

Maddie is enjoying the view as our team has reached the greener ground.  Notice the shades she's wearing?  Knockaround!  These glasses have protected her eyes when needed and our friends at Knockaround have offered to share free shades with donors who give toward Hike4Hope!

Have you made a gift yet?  Now's the time!

Glasses to be shipped in September.


Trail art

This is a fence, Y'all!  Looks like trail art, but its a fence to keep in or out, depending on which side you are on!  Also, it's maple harvesting season still.  We've seen lots of maple trees with spickets!

This new terrain has been a welcome hike!  Our climbing days were fun, exhilarating and challenging, but it's nice to hike some flat trails for a while!

Cows on the trail

For those who are farm experienced, cows aren't too startling.  Maddie, however, isn't so confident about hiking through cows that got out of their pasture!  

Oh, the things you'll see on the AT!  Maybe we should give a little today to motivate Maddie along the way!

1% in one day

Trey and Maddie are hiking 20 or more miles per day at this point.  Keeping the momentum is challenging, but exciting!  They could use some great encouragement!  Maybe you've been waiting to see if they'll really make it.  Today's a great day to offer your support financially!  

Adrenaline rush!

Lions, Tigers and Bears....oh, my!!!!!  Bear runs from Trey and Maddie.....

Country Stores

Our friends, Trey and Madison Cason, are still on the trail!  They've been hiking for well over one month (almost two) and have accomplished over 400 miles already!  They''ve conquered what is considered the hardest parts of the trail.  Most of the northern section involves rock climbing and a whole lot of mountains.  As you can imagine, hiking through those regions take longer than hitting trails with less incline.  They've reported to us an expectation to increase mileage from here on out.  WOW!  Our team is rocking this hike!

A long wet day...

We made it to Hanover, New Hampshire today after hiking 12 miles this morning!! First time hiking in the rain for hours... not fun! We arrived soaking wet, but we're making the best of it! Once we made it to civilization, we stopped to get pizza and then a trail angel is picking us up after she gets off work to let us shower and do laundry at her house. We are taking a zero (that's trail slang for zero miles hiked) tomorrow to rest and get some admin things done!  And....maybe our clothes will be fully dry before we head out!

Harvey Runs

Check out Harvey's story at this link -

​He completed his journey on July 18th!  What an amazing challenge and accomplishment.  Harvey is motivational and shares his heart at the link above.  Check him out!