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Another lovely view

This hike has been one filled with amazing views, incredible challenges and lots of great fun!  Trey and Maddie are steadily plodding toward the goal of raising $60,000 for villages in South Asia to bring a solution to extreme poverty!  TCD or Transformational Community Development works to end poverty.  This has been proven over and over when villages graduate into sustainability.  This builds a foundation offering a better view for children globally!

Will you join the Cason's in bringing a better view to those suffering?  We need your help!  

Mt. Moosilauke

"The Gentle Giant, Moosilauke has been climbed by locals for nearly 300 years. At the base of the mountain on the east is the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, which, along with 4500 acres of the Baker River watershed is owned by Dartmouth College. The mountain has a long history of use as a hiking destination, source of timber, and winter playground. The summit is bare and has wonderful 360-degree views of the rest of the Whites, Vermont, and even into the Adirondacks on a good day."  

Friends join in....

Our friend, Meredith, joined us for a few days of hiking.  We're not so sure she knew what she was getting into!  Note:  the sign reads - "This trail is extremely tough!"

The good news is we are headed for easier trails!  We are so grateful for all of you!  Your donations are keeping us going!

Please consider sharing with friends and ask them to give today?

Last Mountain!

View from the top

We've been hiking for a little more than a month now and we're settling into our new routine. We go to bed around 8 pm and wake up around 5:30 am on a typical day. We start hiking after breakfast and don't stop until late afternoon right before dinner. Recently, the views from the top of the mountains have allowed us to see where we started hiking that morning. To see our progress is encouraging because even though hiking up mountains sometimes feels like we're rock climbing, we can see the distance we've hiked and find encouragement in our progress.

Mount Washington

It's amazing how hikers become friends so quickly!  We are striving together to make goals!  We've learned so much during this past month.  We've met some truly amazing people.

This pic was "a historic site" as you can read...and it had restrooms. This may sound like a little TMI for some, but when you've been on the trail for over one month, restrooms are a true blessing!

Thank you for standing with us as we #hike4hope! We are so encouraged by you!



Making our way

Well, we've been hiking 32 days, 334.4 miles total!  That's an average of 10.45 miles per day.  Amazingly, we've only had 6 showers!  Didn't think I could do it!  We are drinking on average 4 liters of water per day. We conquered Maine and now we have 108.3 miles of New Hampshire to complete. We usually take about 25-30,000 steps per day. Although we have seen above 30,000 multiple times!

Our animal sightings haven't been amazing: frogs, snakes, lizards, a moose, birds, but thankfully, no bears yet!


Great Hiking blogs

Are you interested in hiking?  Are you already a solid hiker?  Here is a listing of a few blogs we highly recommend.  

These bloggers share great information and helpful hints for all levels of skill.  They also helped us out by sharing this adventure with their blogging audience!

Click on over below to learn what shoes to where, some of the best hiking trails and more!

A REAL Moose!

While this moose was in the distance, they finally encountered a live, four-legged moose!  Trey and Maddie are experiencing such beauty in the nature of our lovely country.  What adventures await them?!?!

Don't forget every gift of $100 or more receives a $10 REI card from July 6 to July 20!  Join the team of #Hike4Hope!