Blog: Hike4Hope

The bounty!

Hey #Hike4Hope fans!  It's free Slurpee day at 7-11!  While you are cooling off with your fave flavor, Maddie and Trey are hiking on.  Yesterday, Maddie shared about their shopping for food.  Now how's all this going to fit in their packs?  This picture is of one person's pack share of the bounty!

Small places?


Day 25 and Day 26! Tomorrow we will be in New Hampshire. We conquered what some people call the hardest mountain on the AT and completed it in 2 hours!

Small places from Global Hope Network Int'l on Vimeo.

Pancakes, Hiking style

When you've been on the trail a while, even pancakes start looking like trail markers!  Fun fact:  Scouts often teach their troops and dens how to mark trails by stacking stones.  Trey and Maddie have pancakes during a "rest" stop and stack them like a trail marker made of stones!

Have you made your #Hike4Hope gift yet?  If so, share this with friends who can join the team alongside!

What a view

Maddie and Trey shared the view from the top!  This was a beautiful but strenuous climb for our team.

Wonder if any of us will get a chance to see this view first hand someday?  Thanks to the Cason's, we're blessed to see it today.

YIKES! A Moose!

Foot Massages!

Our hikers stopped in town for a rest, shower and shopping.  They share something that truly brought tears to my eyes.  Read on....

The Appalachian Trail has been teaching us a lot about the richness of life.  We are finding ourselves more reliant on others than we have been in a long time.  Whether its sharing food at camp, borrowing toilet paper because we ran out or hitching rides into town to buy food for our next resupply; every time we've needed help, people have provided for our needs. 



On their way to a nearby town, Trey and Maddie find themselves hiking a smooth, dirt road...

Dirt Road Moonwalk from Global Hope Network Int'l on Vimeo.

World Cup Soccer!

Yes, Trey and Maddie got to grab a peek at the World Cup using the phone and cell service of another hiker during a "dry out" time in their shelter.  Stormy weather makes for a great rest day while hikers dry out!  Trey and Maddie learned that a 6 PM bedtime isn't unusual for hikers.  Sundown is considered "hiker's midnight"!

Stormy Weather!


As you can see, it's not all fun and games for our hikers, Trey and Maddie!  Can you let them know we are out here hanging with them by donating toward their cause?  $21.90, $219 or any other amount you can give will encourage them to keep on trekking!