Blog: Hike4Hope

Throw Back to Day one....

These were all the hikers starting out on Day one with us.  About half are still on the trail....many trials and hills along the way.  Trey and Maddie feel blessed to be healthy and well enough to continue!

Sliding UNDER the fallen trees!

Sometimes, for Maddie, it's just easier to slide under the fallen trees than climb over!  Where there's a will, there's a way!

Making New Friends!

Trey and Maddie met Anna along the trail and peaked the mountain together!  Sharing #Hike4Hope with others!


Trey usually carries the tent. But today Maddie added it to her load because Trey's knee was hurting. Taking the load for a day, helped give Trey's knee a break.  Working hard together. Even 4 to 5 pounds of tent can change your hiking pace and overall feel. Every ounce counts when you’re hiking miles on miles each day.  

The climb!

Day 6 begins....

Trey and Maddie have made it through some tough terrains, including a bit of mountain climbing!  Day six has begun and they will hike their way to the "100 mile Wilderness".

While they've not had connection outside of satellite ranges, we are still tracking them and will be posting pictures soon.

Let's keep cheering them on!  Please post your encouragement for them!


Day 1 of the Journey - Flying to Maine!

Trey and Maddie are flying out today to Maine and plan to begin hiking tomorrow morning!  It's been quite a journey just getting this far.

They've packed their bags, double checked their lists and feel as ready as they can be!  This trip would not be possible without all of those who are supporting and encouraging this effort to end extreme poverty in four villages in South Asia.  These villagers want to end their own extreme poverty and can with just a hand up from you, Trey and Maddie and our teams on the ground in Asia.  

What will Trey and Maddie bring on this journey?

Wow!  Trey and Maddie have thought this through, researched well and planned accordingly!  Learn more in upcoming days about the brands they've chosen...