Blog: Income generation

Lighting the Way to Change

Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya

Change is what every person yearns for in life. It is a process which calls for personal commitment and a network of support. GHNI has established itself as successful in bringing change in this part of the world. Our donors, GHNI staff, our partners, and the community are part of this great success. Together, we have transformed the lives of many people.

Widows Benefit From Micro Loans

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem is the fifth village to be adopted by GHNI-Kenya in order to improve the lives of widows and orphans. They number more than 200 due to the high HIV and AIDS infection rate. It was just beginning in early 2016 as we adopted this village. Within seven months, a lot has already been achieved.

Goats and Friendly Conversation

Goat Loan Program, Jordan 

The goats are well and Muhammad is doing fine now. Muhammad faced a problem with some of his neighbors, but thankfully all is good at this time.

The goats’ number at present is 14. Muhammad is working so hard to take care of them. As always, we never grow weary of visiting him and spend a good time talking about life and why we should respect others, keeping our words and promises.


Holistic Solutions: Hope Not Handouts

By Dee Rivers


Aberash* stands in a dust-bowl landscape. Around her, like a barren garden where once flowers flourished, are small mounds -- graves of children lost to the consequences of drought. They perished from thirst. Or they starved. Or they succumbed to the diseases of a waterless, malnourished, and contaminated existence.

A Family Affair

Vocational Training Program, Jordan 

The Mulukhia project is back since it’s in season. In order to create income, the whole family is working on it. Twelve members of three related families are living in the same apartment and have started to work on about 330 lbs. of these leaves.

Leading His Community Toward Diversification

Bisidimo, Ethiopia


Nursema, of Bisidimo, is a 45-year-old husband and father of six children. He is a volunteer security worker in his village and his only source of income for his family is his cows. He sells milk by walking two hours from his village to a small village called Babile. The income from the milk is not enough for his family, so he cannot send all of his children to school. Only two of his children can attend school.


New Hope for a Widowed Mother

Kito, Ethiopia


Kito is one of the newest areas in the eastern part of Ethiopia that GHNI has begun working in. Fatuma and Kediga both live in Kito. Kediga is a widow with three children. Her husband died in a car accident two years ago, and now she is struggling to rear her three children alone.


Big Profits for Sewing

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt


During our weekly follow up with the sewing machines project, we met Hanaa. She was holding many hairbands in her hands that she had created herself, with the sewing machine she took on loan after the sewing course.