Blog: Water

Tapping into the Water Source

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya


The dream of GHNI to reach the poor, hidden, and hurting people among this community has come to reality after a long struggle for the last five years in Ola Nagele Village. The five major areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD) have been used as a platform to transform the lives of many people in this area.


Vital Water Source

Shambani Village, Kenya


For a long time, Shambani villagers suffered from a lack of water and had to walk a long distance to get it. This came to an end by networking with other organizations and institutions to contribute funds and come up with a lasting solution. One partner organization dug the well, and then GHNI-Kenya installed a solar panel for pumping water to the storage facility that was built by another partner.


Addressing Desperate Needs

Internally Displaced People in Aleppo, Disaster Response


It’s been over six and a half years, and the war in Syria continues.


Tanakeke is Grieving

Tanakeke Island, Indonesia


Early in this year, a time that was supposed to be full of new hope for a better future turned out to be disaster for 31 people from Tanakeke Island. A boat experienced an accident when a big wave and strong wind struck and sank the boat on its way to Tanakeke Island, on a Friday afternoon in early February.


Hope to Survive Drought

Didi Hara Village, Ethiopia


August through October is the main rainy season in the Borena area. The expected rain did not arrive during the expected season, and now a widespread drought plagues this area. Several cattle started dying as the entire water pond became dry, so villagers started to migrate with their cattle to seek water and pastures in another area.


Water is Life: The Importance of Access to Clean Water

By: Zoya Wazir