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Committee Leaders Take It Home


Celebrating Two Years of TCD in Lebanon!

Refugees in Lebanon

We were happy to complete the second year of serving refugee women and children in Lebanon. This month, a week-long conference took place with attendance of more than 120 Syrian women and children.

GHNI is effective in running Transformational Community Development (TCD) and many other programs, and during this conference we celebrated the second year of the TCD program.

Holistic Solutions: Hope Not Handouts

By Dee Rivers


Aberash* stands in a dust-bowl landscape. Around her, like a barren garden where once flowers flourished, are small mounds -- graves of children lost to the consequences of drought. They perished from thirst. Or they starved. Or they succumbed to the diseases of a waterless, malnourished, and contaminated existence.

Networking Pays Off

Attir Village, Kenya

Water is key to all other areas of development. In Attir Village, production of food for self-sustainability had become impossible, even after we trained them to use very small amounts of water for big harvests, because there had not been any rain.

This also affected education, because the children’s hunger prevented the attention required and also consumed much of their time, walking for kilometers to fetch water.

New Hope for Education & Water Supply

Attir Village, Kenya

Mama Jamarose, a mother of 12 children, is left speechless about the hope that she now has in her life. Her life has transformed in every manner and aspect, from personal healing down to her children. Mama Jamarose is thankful and says our GHNI organization is a blessing. She does not have enough words to express her appreciations, except to hope GHNI staff have all the strength that they need to carry out their noble duty.