Blog: Water

Mastering the Alphabet

*U Village, Sri Lanka


Growing TCD Impact

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


In Djorgovska mahala, our model village, it is a period of seasonal work and some of the women from our group are on jobs to harvest strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. They use this time to transfer acquired knowledge of nutrition, health, and hygiene to women that work with them. Even though they work on those jobs, they still attend our group, regularly.


From Famine to Harvest

Making Water Accessible to All

Shambani Village, Kenya

It has been a long road for the Shambani community because they have all been fetching water from one of the main boreholes in the village. Villagers who live far away depended on water from the same borehole and it is very tiresome for them to travel a long way, especially for the older villagers. Without coming to the main borehole, these villagers would remain thirsty.

Joyful Over Bare Necessities

Refugees in Lebanon

Last month, GHNI had the privilege of decreasing the suffering in one of thousands of camps in Lebanon. We helped them by providing a pump to empty flooded sewage wells to prevent the release of smelly air, toxins and diseases.

Preparing for the Future

Sindh Province, Pakistan




Farmers are waiting for water, as the irrigation has been closed the last five months. There has been no water to sow the next crops, but farmers are still hoping to get water from the government.


Sewing Center


TCD at Work

Attir Village, Kenya


Mama Nater is one of the beneficiaries of the GHNI loan program. Before she got her loan, she depended solely on her small business of selling peremende (sweets), biscuits, tea and other small items for income. But things changed after GHNI taught villagers the ways of investing on capital and how to use available resources around them. Mama Nater requested and was given a loan since GHNI’s work is to raise the living standard of the people by assisting them.


Opening in New Villages

Yagnob/Esanbay Villages, Tajikistan


Two days ago, I returned from a visit to Vakhdat for a month of planning and future strategy. Things there are going well and we hope to finish our school building project soon. Once that is finished, we will start the water project.