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Equipping Mothers and Children

Refugee Families in Lebanon

In April, GHNI distributed many baby strollers to the Syrian refugee princesses who must walk long distances. Some have to walk for half to one hour to attend the weekly meetings. These ladies were committed, even when the weather got really bad in the wintertime. When there were strong rains or storms, they never skipped a lesson.


Hope is Being Restored!

Isiolo Empowerment Center, Kenya

The biggest challenge for rural poor is ensuring adequate education for their children, whether boys or girls. This historical problem is increasingly compounded by HIV/AIDS infections, continuous and prolonged internal tribal conflict, changing climate, and irregularity of rain. As a result, many people became internally displaced persons (IDPs), with young girls caught in the sex trade and young boys used for cheap labor, and poverty increasing every day.


Planting Seeds to Overcome Poverty

Ola Nagele Village, Kenya

The long rains experienced since the start of this year has been a blessing to many people, especially the community of Ola Nagele. The lives of many poor and desperate people have been improved through farming supported by GHNI. Our organization has helped with distribution of the seedlings, capacity building, how to do good farming, and how to collect rainwater for future use.


Mama Kapua Confesses Old Ways are Unsafe

Attir Village, Kenya

Mama Kapua is 78 years old and a mother in Attir Village who has seen babies come into the world. Sooner or later, some may leave it due to circumstances they could not control. Many babies died during prolonged labor, others due to wrong procedures in delivery. Mothers were too wasted and drained of strength.


Survival Stories

Refugees in Jordan



Syrian Refugee Families in Jordan


Abu Mustafa “Abed” owned a small dry cleaning business back in Syria. One day, when his 15-year-old son, Mustafa, was helping him, Abed went out for an errand, leaving Mustafa in the shop. While Abed was away, a rocket fell near the building. The blast cost Mustafa his right arm and leg. Abed decided it was time to get his family out of Syria.


It’s All Coming Together

House of Ruth, Jordan

In April we met Dr. Niveen, a young, beautiful lady from Iraq. Dr. Niveen will be helping in the house of Ruth until the doors open for her and her family to leave Jordan and go somewhere chosen by the UN. She is a wonderful addition to the House of Ruth, especially since Dr. Bashar and Maria have both left.

Taking Lessons to Heart

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In a conversation with Janet, she expressed her happiness about what happened with her and her children. She attends the weekly lessons at the organization’s headquarters with her four children: Merna, 14; Martina, 12; Anthony, 10; and Pola, 5. She said that she thanks GHNI for the big role it played in changing her and her children. Janet shared that she had learned a lot of things from this organization and applies them in her life.