Blog: Yagnob-Esanbay Village

Multiple Communities Seeing Positive Change

Murtoch Yagnob Cluster Village, Tajikistan


This was a very encouraging quarter in Murtoch Village.  The Transformational Community Development (TCD) programme has seen progress within six months of its work in the community. The team on the ground is hardworking and goal-oriented, and the communities are eager to participate in our work of bringing hope and help.



Multiple Communities Seeing Positive Change

Yagnob Cluster Village, Tajikistan


What progress have we made, you may ask? We have made good progress in Transformational Community Development (TCD) and villagers are interested in receiving both Help & Hope in all of the villages where we are working, even though we have some challenges in each village.



Weathering the Cold

Hoja Bubulok Villages, Tajikistan


This month was good and fruitful. It was also a very difficult month for Latif and Safar, who are two of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers. Latif suffers with health problems, and Safar also has the same problems. This year is colder than last year, making life harder.



Encouraged to Persevere in Good Work

This month was very fruitful and our team has done a great job. The whole team worked hard this month without mistakes. Of course, we had some problems but no big ones. We decided our problem was learning to work together as a team.


Thousands of Kilometers for Hope

This month was very hot, difficult, and fruitful. I traveled about 10,000km (about 6,200 miles) in our GHNI car. I visited Yagnob Village twice, and it was a very fruitful trip. Villagers are very open when we talk with them. It’s a big change in their hearts. It was different when we started working in this village to now when we graduated this village. I also worked in a different part of Yagnob. I walked 57km (about 35 miles) with a donkey and two Yagnobians. We walked for about 20 hours. As we walked, we talked about many things. We met different people and talked with them.

Providing Hope to Those in Need

Hoja Bulbulok & Yagnob Villages, Tajikistan


Safarmurod and his family’s life have transformed. Every Friday, we have discussions with the Vakhdat team. We talk a lot about life issues and every time they have questions that I answer to the best of my ability. It’s a great time for us. We talk openly and speak truth to each other. During this meeting, our team relays in depth about GHNI’s work in their village.


Opening in New Villages

Yagnob/Esanbay Villages, Tajikistan


Two days ago, I returned from a visit to Vakhdat for a month of planning and future strategy. Things there are going well and we hope to finish our school building project soon. Once that is finished, we will start the water project.