Blog: Yazidi Village

Hope in a Hostile World

Yazidi IDPs, Lebanon/Iraq


March 2 Log: Mariam’s Story



Hope for the Holidays: Yazidi Education

This Christmas season, we invite you to partner with us on a big project in the Middle East, a region we know you have compassion for. Just like your past gifts to Global Hope Network, your support for this project will directly offer help and hope to villagers who need it most.


Bringing TCD to the Yazidi

After four years of exile, the Yazidi families we serve cannot return home. There are physical barriers, such as no running and clean water and limited electricity. Most of their homes are destroyed and they can’t earn enough money for their daily lives, much less to rebuild. Moreover, there are leftover mines and booby traps. Neighbors who joined with violent groups who seek to kill and enslave them still live there. There also remain various groups in power that do not have good intentions toward the Yazidi.

Overcome Obstacles

Yazidi IDPs, Lebanon/Iraq


September 9 Log


I am leaving for Lebanon and N. Iraq today. These families have been victims of extreme and unspeakable violence, forced to live for years in harsh and impoverished conditions in tents, tarp homes, old abandoned factories, and the like. They have lost homes, farms, businesses, and beyond material things, they suffered the loss of family and friends who were taken or killed.


Progressing Toward TCD in Iraq

After four years of exile, the Yazidi people still cannot return home. The physical barriers in their hometowns are no running/clean water, limited electricity, most of their homes were destroyed, leftover mines and booby traps, and hostile neighbors who still live there.

Help Refugee Children Get to School

As children in your neighborhood are now getting ready to kick off an exciting new academic year, Yazidi refugee children can only hope that they will be able to go back to school.

Four years after the Yazidi people were displaced from their homes, their villages remain shattered and insecure. Global Hope Network International has been providing aid to Yazidi refugees living in northern Iraq who are unable to return home.