“Kiosk of Sweet Water”

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


Kiwanjani Village, in Isiolo county, had been facing severe water shortages before GHNI constructed a Water Kiosk in the local community compound. Clean water for domestic and cleaning usage had been very scarce, especially during the dry season. 


Many school-aged children, especially girls, have been fetching water from far distances of about 6 to 10 kilometres to get water to drink and use at home. This has caused a lot of children to drop out of school. The water they were getting was salty, which is unhealthy for human consumption, but because they didn’t have an alternative, they had been using this dirty water for drinking and cooking.


Now, this is no longer a problem. The Water Kiosk built by GHNI solves the aforementioned problems. The villagers can get water at an affordable price, and the rate of school dropouts has declined since water is available. Villagers can get tasty, fresh water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.


We have been receiving positive feedback from the neighbouring community. They said that their lives have changed for the better since this water is available. Many people from other areas were also able to come and fetch water since it's the only non-salty water in the area, even nicknaming the kiosk "KIOSK YA MAJI TAMU' loosely translated as “kiosk of sweet water.”


Thank you!



TCD Worker