“Love Your Enemies” … in Action

From the desk of GHNI’s Jeff Power, who has walked closely alongside the community of Gambella, Kenya, in their five-year journey with Transformational Community Development (TCD).  Jeff gladly shares this account of love, loss, and triumph in Kenya!

Attir, Kenya

We’ve all heard the powerful expression, “Love your neighbor.” It’s not ultimately a religious or philosophical statement, but rather a statement of need – it’s what NEEDS to happen to change the world.

In that sentiment we’re thrilled to announce that GHNI is beginning a TCD program with Attir village in Kenya, a village that used to be an enemy of Gambella village, which graduated from our TCD program this summer.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll recall that Gambella village (of the Borana tribe) was brutally attacked in ’09 by Attir village (of the Turkana tribe). Eight of Gambella’s men were killed and thousands of animals were stolen. It was tragic, almost ending Gambella’s existence. We urged Gambella and all other Boranas NOT to retaliate, to help end the cycle of violence, and they agreed.

And tragedies always have the power to become life-changing opportunities if we’ll let them.

After the attack, our GHNI-Kenya staff joined with the regional government to help facilitate peace between the tribes in that area. It worked, and for the last two years Gambella and Attir have been on truly friendly terms, with their children learning side by side in the Gambella Primary School.

Attir has watched Gambella’s transformation. And they’ve opened themselves to learning. As a result, Attir committed themselves to forsaking banditry and learning how to truly transform. So we committed ourselves to helping them.

And here’s some additional great news – Gambella’s leaders are joining in to help teach them, too.

Since Attir is now in our program, Gambella and Attir will farm side by side in the valley between them, using water from the irrigation windmill we just installed as Gambella’s “graduation present.”

We believe that the future of the world lies in the hands of villages just like these two. Our hope and prayer is to see this story played out more and more, in region after region, until the whole world is changed. It may be dreaming, but all great things start with great dreams.

THANK YOU for standing with GHNI and villages just like Gambella and Attir!