1,000 Miles

"We made it to mile #1,000! Here's where we've been so far...

Maine: The views in Maine were so gorgeous! Rocks and roots everywhere. The views were well worth the tough climbs. Staying at Shaw’s hostel is one of our favorite memories because it was the first time we got showers, after nine days on the trail. Having the luxuries of running water and a soft bed felt so good after our first long stretch of hiking. 

New Hampshire: Steep climbs, exhausted every night! Loved hiking in the White Mountains. One of our favorite stretches of the trail so far was Franconia Ridge. Our friend Meredith joined us as well, and we are so thankful we got to share this experience with her! 

Vermont: Rainy, rainy, rainy. Our first time trekking through mud for days! Also our first experience with walking through cow pastures. We were invited into strangers' homes, and their kindness overwhelmed us! 

Massachusetts: Trey’s parents met us there, and it was really great to see family. We were spoiled and got our first chance to slack pack. We loved having to not carry the full weight of our packs for a few days. We loved stopping in their towns as well - so charming! 

Connecticut: Very short for us! It rained a lot on us too, but it felt good because it had been so hot. We loved walking next to the river for a few miles - very peaceful. 

New York: So fun to cross the Hudson River and walk through the zoo. We loved getting to see the NYC skyline from the trail! Also loved stopping at the delis right off the trail! 

New Jersey: Had to run from the mosquitos! New Jersey was short, but very pretty. Loved our ice cream stops right off the trail, and the rolling hills! 

Pennsylvania: That's where we are now! We have 94.9 miles until the halfway point on the trail. Pennsylvania is filled with rocks! We have sore feet, but we're enjoying getting more miles in."

— Maddie


Trey and Maddie Cason are about to become long-term humanitarian aid workers for GHNI, but first, they're hiking the entire Appalachian Trail to raise awareness and support for GHNI. Click here to learn more and see how you can get involved!