48 Children in New School

Sindh Province, Pakistan


Our village outreach programme is helping the communities to raise the resources from their own villages. Presently, we are reaching 21 different villages to uplift the communities. Our recent programmes are making a difference. FAITH (Food Always In The Home) gardens are helping the community to deal with food needs. FAITH gardens and self-help groups are providing more opportunities to share and build strong relations. 


In one of our villages, we started an Education Academy. The education system of Sindh province of Pakistan has been deteriorating for ages and it is not getting any better, but with time is worsening more and more. Honestly speaking, the education system is quite terrifying and no one seems to be worried. The literacy rate in rural areas is less than 50%. 


Our partner’s vision is to transform communities of every city, every town, and every village. So, we took the initiative to empower one least developed village. We found a Man of Peace in this village who has a passion to empower his people and the village. We have 48 children in the new school.


Thank you!


Partner TCD Worker