Villagers Bringing Change

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


Đorgovska mahala is continually transforming into a model village reflecting Transformational Community Development (TCD). We have two groups of women and one group of children who meet regularly.


Teaching Preventative Health Habits

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


The transformation of this village into a model village is occurring at Đorgovska mahala Village. We have two groups of women with over 20 members. One group is part of the local community and the other group meets regularly in the village. Also, we have one group of children who gather regularly. We would appreciate your support as we bring the message of hope.


Health and Nutrition Lessons

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia


The transformation of a village into a model village is happening in Djorgovska Mahala. We have two groups of women with over 20 members; one group is part of the local community and the other meets regularly in Mahala.


Short Term Team Visits Mahala!

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia


Just last month, a short-term team (STT) from Orlando, Florida was on the ground in the Roma/Gypsy village of Dorgovska Mahala, Lebane, Serbia. In every capacity, this team complemented each other as they served the local community in basic health evaluations of blood work, urine analysis, blood pressure, weight and height, and eye exams.


Health Training Continues

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia


People in Mahala are preparing for seasonal agricultural work. A number of people have already gone to work. This means the number of people in Mahala was significantly reduced in May.


Committees Come Together

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia


I have been personally encouraged by the home group that we started last December. New members joined us for the first time.


Today we selected committee members from Mahala, and then we'll start a training committee. The Association of Citizens offered us their room so we could meet there and later host seminars, all for free.


Caring for Others

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


Our weekly meetings are going great. This month we have a new person who came for the first time. Gordana is a widow and in need of encouragement and hope. We taught a Community Health Education (CHE) lesson about ‘’Caring for Others.’’


The Women's Group and Teen Group are also very active as they continue to meet.


GHNI Partner


Someone to Confide In

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


In the last quarter, we had regular meetings and meetings for the teenage women's groups. My goals were to show that what they learned through the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons could be transferred to their families.


Looking at the Heart

Dorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

Although the weather is cold, some people went to work in the frigid outdoors of Lebane, while others are planning to sell decorations and greeting cards on the street before the New Year's holidays. In conversation with people from Đorgovska mahala Village, I realized that they want their neighborhood to be different. They’re sorry that there is no love or unity between them, but they do not know how they can change that.