Caring for Others

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


Our weekly meetings are going great. This month we have a new person who came for the first time. Gordana is a widow and in need of encouragement and hope. We taught a Community Health Education (CHE) lesson about ‘’Caring for Others.’’


The Women's Group and Teen Group are also very active as they continue to meet.


GHNI Partner


Someone to Confide In

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia


In the last quarter, we had regular meetings and meetings for the teenage women's groups. My goals were to show that what they learned through the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons could be transferred to their families.


Looking at the Heart

Dorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

Although the weather is cold, some people went to work in the frigid outdoors of Lebane, while others are planning to sell decorations and greeting cards on the street before the New Year's holidays. In conversation with people from Đorgovska mahala Village, I realized that they want their neighborhood to be different. They’re sorry that there is no love or unity between them, but they do not know how they can change that.

Raising Self-Esteem in Women

Dorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

Seasonal jobs are over and people are returning home. The weather is favorable for visits and other activities in Đorgovska mahala Village. I am glad that I have built trust with these people. Some women from the mahala are now regular attendees of our weekly meetings.

Pillar of Encouragement

Dorgovska Mahala, Serbia

Seasonal jobs are still harvesting grapes, peppers, etc. It’s a bright period in light of the difficult financial situations with unemployment, small living spaces often housing three generations, and a number of other problems in this village. Some of the residents of this village give money and take interest on borrowed money, so that even further complicates matters.

Sisterhood of Support

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

Many people are away for seasonal work, but my visits this month were very significant. I had a chance to talk with people, encourage them, and talk about hope.

Offering Mutual Assistance

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia

Many people were outside of the city because of seasonal jobs, and because of that, the planned activities were postponed for the end of the summer. I use visits to Đorgovska Mahala Village for building trust and relationships with people.


Messages of Encouragement

Đorgovska mahala Village, Serbia

In our village, many people left for the seasonal work of picking strawberries. Some sisters from our women's groups also left for seasonal jobs. They have the opportunity to work and share their lives with others. Last month in our gatherings, we talked about our influence to encourage other people in the world.

Serbia: Women at the Crossroad

By Dee Rivers

Overheard:  “Serbia … it used to be Yugoslavia, right?”


Well, yes, but long before it was Yugoslavia, it was Serbia.


In fact, it became Serbia in 1166 and stayed Serbia until 1918, when post-war gerrymanders proclaimed that six Slavic countries in Southeast Europe had become one and created the name “Yugoslavia”, by combining the Slavic words "jug" (south) and "slaveni" (Slavs).


Healing of the Heart

Đorgovska Mahala Village, Serbia