Achieving the Goal

Koubah Bingo, Burkina Faso


Mainasara and Fatima had quite a lot of work done within the last quarter. The milling machine has been of immense benefit to the locals since it was set up and the accounts put together. Mainasara and the Income Generation Committee keep ensuring that the accounting is done properly, and that every participant of this Income Generation programme is issued a membership card that records how much is paid each time they use the milling machine.


Fatima was very engaged with school-age children during the last quarter. For most of the children, this was their first experience of western-style education and the excitement was always palpable. Towards the close of the year, there was a time of sharing at the close of term during the Christmas party.


The Water Committee met to strategise on how to get potable drinking water to the community.  This initial meeting will be followed by other meetings to consolidate on the plans and make further decisive steps towards achieving the goal.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update


  • Water -- A meeting was held with members of the Water Committee.
  • Income Generation -- The accounts for the use of the milling machine have been tidied up and there are plans to begin repayment of loans. 
  • Education -- Fatima engaged school-age kids and gave them an experience of western-style education.
  • Wellness -- The locals continue to practice hand washing and use of local dust bins and dish racks that have been made.


Thank you!


GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader