Activities Despite the Lockdown

Refugees in Lebanon

January was not an active month due to the lockdown in Lebanon. The situation is very bad. Twenty-one percent of the examinations are positive. On top of that, we had a strong snow storm. The camps were affected badly. Our medical and dental clinic are both still working. 


The graduation party for the sewing class was cancelled. We will send the machines and the certificates to the participant’s homes because the lockdown is very strict. 


Despite the lockdown, December was full of activities with Christmas parties where we could distribute 120 gifts for children and 40 gifts for teenage boys. Our staff had their party as well celebrating Christmas. We had a Christmas party with the sewing women who also received a Christmas gift.


The Story of Abida*

"Leaving my country at my age and starting a new life in a foreign land was really a hard choice. My husband and I made this decision two years ago. Life there became only about surviving; war, tight living conditions, and prices were insanely high. In 2018, we abandoned everything, our families and our house having high hopes that one day we'll be coming back to Lebanon. My three boys settled and started looking for a job. My husband started searching for a house, but with disappointment. We knew that life here is the same as back in Syria, very expensive with a high unemployment rate. 


Joining the sewing programme was a new hope for me to achieve something new in my life no matter how old I am. I thought I could develop a new skill. My plan and hope is to share my abilities with my neighbours and tell them I can mend their clothes. Therefore, I generated some income and helped my family cover expenses.

I enjoyed learning this skill very much, but mostly I learnt how to love and hope in a practical way. I attended a meeting in the city and was so proud to be part of this wonderful great family. "


Thank you,


GHNI Partner

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Abida” are pseudonyms for the individuals being helped by this project