Addressing Desperate Needs

Internally Displaced People in Aleppo, Disaster Response


It’s been over six and a half years, and the war in Syria continues.


After the fall of Aleppo to the Syrian regime, hundreds of thousands of people who opposed the Government of Syria (GOS) have fled. Today, most are living in villages and towns in the Aleppo region. GHNI has local partners there who are currently reaching out to help the Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs), but the situation has exhausted the resources of both the locals and aid agencies. Additionally, agencies are being hampered and blocked from helping by the GOS.   


The biggest problem is the lack of resources. GHNI staff members have a relationship with the leaders of the community, and through them, we can get assistance to those in need. Through resourcing and training, GHNI will empower people in the community to bring help and hope to the Aleppo IDPs.  


Specific needs are clean water, food, and heating fuel. These items have greatly increased in cost due to the war. The IDPs do not have jobs, their homes and businesses were destroyed, and they have no source of income. Since most items are available locally, GHNI staff and trustworthy partners will be able to purchase them locally, greatly reducing the complexity and cost of aid delivery.


Due the difficult nature of this long conflict, the duration of relief necessity is difficult to estimate. We hope it will be no longer than six months. By helping these people, we will be a part of stabilizing the region and helping them to return home as soon as possible.


Donations toward our food boxes include the following:


$180 would purchase a one-month supply of items such as chicken, milk, sugar, rice, canned beans, spaghetti, tea, oil, olives, cheese, and hygiene items for a family of five.


Thank you,

GHNI Disaster Relief Team