Addressing Health Issues

Gem Village, Kenya

Gem is one of our newest villages. The new Wellness Committee there had a powerfully interactive dialogue with village mothers that addressed many private and delicate questions, which they learned were shared by all. Many of these mothers are pregnant or lactating.

One of our Wellness Committee members, Cecilia, taught the mothers that most diseases and infections are easily preventable and are contracted due to simple lack of knowledge.

One delicate topic was about genital infections due to poor inner garments. These garments are cheap to buy but hazardous to their health, encouraging bacteria growth. Cecilia recommended that they should all get pure cotton inner garments that absorb moisture and enhance the flow of air.

Another delicate topic was about incorrect wiping after using the toilet in a manner that is very dangerous and actually spreads destructive germs. Learning correct wiping can virtually eliminate such infections.

All the women who attended were reluctant and embarrassed, at first. But very soon, they were happy to learn the lessons, and to learn that other villages had significantly reduced many common infections and diseases though simple knowledge.

GHNI National Field Leader