Addressing Marital Problems

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt


Every week, we present a Transformational Community Development (TCD) lesson for the women. We noticed, through the participation of women, that there are many family problems due to the intervention of parents in marital problems. Most parents tend to have their children live in the same building close to them, which leads to an increase in family problems. We did social awareness classes in this area.


After a lesson, a woman called Um Morad shared that her son and his wife were living with her. She was always at odds with her son’s wife because of her interference in her son’s life. She used to ask his wife for many things and was controlling her. She was encouraging her son to hurt his wife. He has a weak character and was listening to his mother. His wife left them with three children. After a while, his wife tried to take the baby because he was only one year old. Um Morad refused to let her grandchild be taken. A year and a half later, after attending our TCD lesson, she realised that she did wrong and tried to make peace between them. She saw that her son was really tired of raising children and sad about losing his wife. Um Morad decided that she would try to stay away from their personal matters and not interfere with their problems.  


During the past three months, we discussed popular proverbs and their effect, we talked about stomach ulcers, time management, speech and behaviour, breast self-examination, generational differences, positive speech, acidity and GERD. We had a Mother's Day party and a seminar on marital disputes. We did soap making training.


TCD Update


Education ―We followed up with 30 women on a monthly basis in the Sewing Machine Project. We followed up with 11 women on a monthly basis in the Hairdressing Project.


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GHNI National Field Leader